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Reasons Why Peeing In The Shower Is Not A Bad Idea

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If you are someone who pees in the shower, do people look at you in a weird way when you mention it? Well, it is probably because in theory it really does sound gross. You are peeing your pants but without pants to catch it. Eww!


But everything has a bright side too, The University of East Anglia has some hard evidence that proves peeing in the shower is not just good for you but good for the world too.

According to the university, if everyone on campus peed in the shower, then 187 million gallons of water could be saved every single year. Below you have some of the reasons why peeing in the shower is actually an awesome idea.


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1. It saves money

Peeing in the shower could save the university over $23o,000 a year. Even though it won’t save you personally very much, every bit counts right?

2. It’s saves the planet

“With 15,000 students at UEA, over a year we would save enough water to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool 26 times over,” say UofEA administrators. And also, it cuts down on toilet paper in sewage systems. Less cleanup!

3. It’s more hygienic

That’s right! For women, peeing in the shower is way more cleaner than peeing in the toilet. That’s because wiping with toiled paper from back to the front can introduce bacteria into your urethra. That means a lot of painful infections.

4. It’s just all around cleaner

This is for the men. Peeing in the toilet can often lead to a mhmm, you know, mess! While women have their issues about this, why not just pee in the showe where it bothers no one.

5. Target practice

So, girls can also aim their pee too, boys. It’s not anything like writing our names in the snow but you can learn to direct it in a certain direction. Muscle management!

6. It’s just plain fun

It’s so much fun because you feel like you are breaking all the rules if you do it.

7. You’ll be in the majority

Did you know that more of 80% of people actually admitted to peeing in the shower? Yeah, don’t be surprised. That’s because it is normal.

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