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How To Use Pegboards To Make Your Home More Organized


Pegboards are usually seen as useful garage items, but what is often overlooked is their potential in other sections of our homes. By using them around your house you can greatly improve its functioning and make everything more organized. Here are 13 simple DIY pegboard projects that will help you save a lot of effort and energy in running your household.

1. Mudroom

pegboards 1

Mudrooms and basements somehow attract chaos. Instead of having stuff scattered around, use a pegboard to keep it tidy. This way, you won’t have to pick up miscellaneous items and put them in order, only to find them all over the place the next time you enter the room.

2. Kitchenware

pegboards 2

By using a pegboard in your kitchen, you can miraculously create more space out of nowhere. Add it to a wall and have your tools ready and accessible whenever you need them.

3. Cabinet

pegboards 3

Instead of using a junk drawer to store those small, easy-to-lose items such as your keys, install a small pegboard inside your cabinet. You’ll never have to rummage when you are in a hurry again.

4. Tools storage

pegboards 4

You might be doing this already, but if you don’t – try it out. It’s not by chance that this is one of the most common uses of the pegboard.

5. Laundry room

pegboards 5

It’s nothing strange for a laundry room to be messy, isn’t it? But that doesn’t mean there is no way to put it in order more often than not. Add a pegboard to an unoccupied wall which will allow you the luxury to wash and fold without having to skip over items.

6. Craft pegboard

pegboards 7

Pegboards were initially designed for the needs of crafting enthusiasts. Hang your scissors, wrapping tape, ribbons and whatever you need on the pegboard in your craft room.

7. Nightlight

Nightlight Pegboard

This is not something your life will depend on, but it was too cute to leave it out.

8. Keepsakes

Keepsake Pegboard

If your keepsakes are small items that you want the world to see, tacking them to a pegboard might be the easiest way.

9. Headboard

Headboard Pegboard

This is not only practical but looks so darn funky as well!

10. Bookshelves

Bookshelf Pegboard

Perhaps you want to overlook this one if you have a valuable collection of early National Geographic editions, but it would be perfect for more mundane publications, such as daily newspapers.

11. Sports equipment

Sports Equipment Pegboard

Instead of storing heavy items such as gym bags, balls, bats or biking equipment overhead and risking injury and damage, use a pegboard. It will be both safer and more practical, but make sure you install a heavy-duty one that can take the weight.

12. Classroom

Classroom Pegboard

Teachers and students will just love this. You will save on space while having everything the children need at hand. More room for playing, too!

13. Accessory pegboard

Accessory Pegboard

Hang your hats, scarves and necklaces without having to rummage around next time you need them.


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