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Brother Photoshopped Pennywise In His Sister’s Engagement Pictures


Siblings are for pranking and that only means that you’re showing them love. But you’re wrong if you think that pranks will end after childhood. Brother Jesse McLauren photoshopped Pennywise into his sister’s engagement pictures. Since we’re all terrified of clowns after the release of the It movie, Jesse decided to spice things up.

He was the one who photographed the engagement so he took advantage during the editing process.

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He went to another level.

Pennywise in the pictures appears to be from the original It movie (1990) and looks like he’s in a runner’s starting position. So nerve-wracking.

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No, thank you.

Oh no! Pennywise leering out from the wooden fences? I don’t like that!

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Didn’t see you there.

Pennywise is creepy enough but this one peeping edges everything else.

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“Come closer, I’ll give you a deal on the reception hall.”

This one is beyond freaky. I would freak out if I saw my engagement pics like this.

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When the bride noticed Pennywise, she found them funny and wanted to use the clown photos.

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Which ones would you use? Imagine sending them to your guests with the thank you note. How long would it take them to notice?

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