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Here Is Why People Over 40 Should Only Work 3 Days A Week


Going to work is already exhausting as it is, isn’t it? Well, one thing’s for sure – working nine-to-five will make you feel tired. You might not hate your job, but many of us aren’t exactly excited to work long hours every day. Sometimes it feels like is exhausting your heart and soul. And your mind and body. Anyways, researchers have found that for people over 40 is not recommended working long hours. It can have some shocking negative effects on their cognitive performance.

A 40-hour or more work week can seem unappealing and difficult to many people.

But, like it or not, we have to do it.

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Well, maybe not all of us. Experts are saying that people over 40 should be working less per week.

That’s great news. Let’s party!


But it’s not just a “they said so, let’s listen” case.


Unfortunately, when you are 40, your cognitive abilities won’t be the same as they were when you were in your 20s. There is a study where researchers from the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research, checked how many hours people work testing their performances. They did that with various psychological tests, that tapped into levels of short-term memory and concentration.

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What they found out was that people over 40 should work only three days a week.

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It’s not advisable for people over 40 to push themselves because it can have negative effects on their attention span and their memory. And this is very important finding now when the retirement age seems to keep going up and up.


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If you are someone who works 60 hours a week, that can be hurtful for your cognitive abilities.


Not everyone agrees with this research, though.

Geraint Johnes, a professor of economics at Lancaster University, said to the BBC that “the research looks only at over-40s, and so cannot make the claim that over-40s are different from any other workers.”

Which basically means that maybe even those who are under 40, can also be affected by a work week that is more than 25 hours long.

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But, it still means those over 40 work better when their work week is less than 25 hours.

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