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24 People That Went Out With A Bang On Their Last Day At Work


You know what they say: all good things must come to an end. And that sometimes extends to the place where you work. On one hand, you might have to say goodbye to people and friends you’ve known for a while, but on the other hand, you’ll open yourself up to a world of other possibilities. And your boss might have even been a little bit of a nightmare to deal with.

However, when these people were on their last day of work, they decided to get creative… and hilarious.

1. Office prank wars have been won


Source: Reddit | runsbecause

2. It’s time to say goodbye to the restaurant

In the best way possible.


Source: Twitter | @chefjimfitz8615

3. Since it’s your last day

There’s no risk of getting fired.


Source: Reddit | mexmeg

4. That’s a cute way to say goodbye


Source: Reddit | legacydialup

5. Now that’s what you call going out with a bang


Source: Reddit

6. This person’s colleague was celebrating their birthday

Guess they really didn’t care.


Source: Reddit | ReignMan23

7. The Batcave looks a lot different than how I remember it

And where’s Michael Caine as Alfred?


Source: Reddit | gavinfaris

8. The dress code is a lot more lenient on the last day

So feel free to get creative.


Source: Twitter | @SophieAmyGrant

9. Taking the office sticky note prank to new proportions

If only they could spell “suck” properly.


Source: Reddit | mcstiches

10. This employee must have been really pissed


Source: Reddit | The_Fronz

11. Get the crew together for your last team dinner


Source: Reddit | jaybee319

12. Contradictory

You’re leaving them sweets but you say “Suck It, I Quit!”


Source: Reddit | TaykenX

13. Set up a memorial

It would be hilarious if you did this without letting anyone know, you’ll seriously scare them.


Source: Reddit | PapaPeyton

14. A cartoon/video game character goodbye


Source: Twitter | @lauraserraaa

15. Flipping the cereal boxes down is a great idea if it’s your last day at the grocery store.


Source: Reddit | nlane515

16. Photoshopping on another level


Source: Reddit | taleofthreekings

17. Teaching assistant wants to see which student is the most loyal


Source: Reddit | dovahkid

18. This is the best way to leave work you can think of


Source: Reddit | EverythingFerns

19. Hey, it’s their loss, right?


Source: Reddit | DessaDarling

20. A high school senior knew how to leave school

Not related to work, but I wish I had access to heavy machinery so I could leave work like this.


Source: Reddit | soldford16

21. This is one of the best pranks I have ever seen

“A kid in my school thought it would be funny to put a bathroom stall door on our calc teacher’s desk in protest of pop quizzes. This was his response on our last day of school, the answers being the combo”


Source: Reddit | Krazykev300

22. Passive-agressive goodbye cake


Source: Reddit | thejohnblog

23. He packed up his office to ship it to someone


Source: Reddit | daywalker1882

24. Remembered forever


Source: Reddit | Kronill

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