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Celebrities Who Look Like Disney Princesses


Celebrities often set pretty impossible ideals for the rest of us: perfect hair, perfect skin, perfect bodies, pretty much living in castles — they lead a royal life. But just like Disney princesses, sometimes celebrities have their own mishaps, as well as their own unique traits (you’d never really mix up Cinderella with Princess Jasmine, would you?) that make them special and endearing in their own ways. Some celebrities are basically Disney princesses who came to life.

We all love Disney Princesses. This video presents famous celebrity’s who look like Disney Princesses.
Cartoons carry some of the idealizations of how we wished we could look, so it’s no wonder that when we find someone who looks like that, they become something of online sensations.

Do you think Ashley Tisdale looks like Rapunzel or Bridgid Mendler like Cinderella? Check this video and find out which celebrities look like the famous Disney Princesses.


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