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22 People Who Chose To Laugh Instead Of Cry


Life is full of hardships. Problems never seem to come alone, and everyday we see and hear things on the news that can bring down even the most cheerful of people. Sometimes we seem to be drowning in negativity and the only outlook on life we could possibly have is a pessimistic one.

But, life is full of wonders too. And sometimes we forget that. We forget to appreciate what we have, we forget to pay attention to the little things that bring joy.

Yes, of course bad things happen and will keep happening. But it’s the way we react to them, the way we choose to respond, that can lead us either to peace and happiness, or to despair and misery.

This is a list by Diply, of people who are doing the best they can in their circumstances. Always look on the bright side of life, right? Just find a way to laugh at your misfortune – it sure beats the alternative.

1. Free Wi-Fi

That’s a strange shaped burn… But hey, at least now you can always be online, wherever you are.


Source: Reddit | LandmineFrisbee

2. Good Boy is silently judging you

Drinking a martini might not fix your troubes, but becoming one sure will.

Source: Crave Online

3. Jaws!

It’s so inspirational the way some people are able to deal with the toughest things in life and simply refuse to give up.


Source: Reddit | lilcheap2

4. A Christmas Story

This guy has just won Halloween.


Source: EMGN

5. Do you wanna build a snowman?

That may not have been the freshest and best quality snow, but it will do.


Source: Reddit | PotatoMuffinMafia

6. Friendzoned

He didn’t get the girl, but he got the booze!


Source: EMGN

7. Now, for the next leg of the journey

Ladies and gentlemen, please don’t put your shoes up on the seats. Thank you.


Source: Instagram | @iceman_doom

8. It’s super effective

Best way to lose weight. Guaranteed to work.


Source: Instagram | @norskigrl13

9. Need a leg up?

The best place to rest your leg is… your leg? Fair enough.


Source: Instagram | @mon.murphy

10. He nailed it

It’s all fun and games, until you slice your face off…


Source: Reddit | Billigans

11. Cool guys don’t look at explosions

Glad they at least followed the correct in-case-of-fire protocol: evacuate first, take photo second.


Source: Reddit | chardee_macdennis711

12. Jumping through hoops

Well, yes, you will have to be more careful backing out of driveway, but it’s kinda worth it?


Source: Reddit | Marvellous_Loki

13. When the levee breaks

Some people just like to watch the world drown.


Source: Reddit | slmoore48

14. Omelette du fromage

He must’ve looked rather silly posing for that photo…

Also, is he wearing two pairs of sunglasses?


Source: Reddit | floatinginperfume

15. Pizza party!

Adulting is hard!


Source: Reddit | MotorBoater22

16. It’s just a flesh wound

Don’t worry about it, Caesar will take good care of it.


Source: Reddit | warman707

17. Ridiculously photogenic (hospital) guy

He will let you breathe and keep you hydrated. He’s a keeper.


Source: Reddit | dsblock19

18. Um, thanks?

Sometimes you just can’t be bothered to go to work, so it’s always good to warn the customers.


Source: Reddit | loweritup

19. Chicken Little

When life gives you a humongous pile of snow, make a chicken!


Source: Reddit | natezomby

20. Duckface

Hornets – the cheaper alternative to plastic surgery.


Source: Reddit | thatisreasonable2

21. Toe the line

Cute tattoo FTW.


Source: Reddit | Manunited3710

22. Irony at its best

When you ask politely and they still don’t care…



Source: Reddit | PhoneDojo
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