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16 Times People Were Too Cool For Rooles


Rules are what keeps the world running smoothly. Most of the time they are necessary, and useful, and there is a clear reason for them to be applied. However, it’s not unusual to be loved by anyone… Sorry, got distracted there for a bit.

It’s not unusual to chance upon an absolutely ridiculous rule or law. Let’s take Rhode Island for example. Did you know, that in Providence, the capital of the state of Rhode Island, in the northeastern US, it is illegal to sell a toothbrush and a toothpaste to the same customer on a Sunday. Every other day is fine, but on Sunday, people mustn’t be allowed to buy both items from the same store. What?!

Still, not all rules are pointless like that one. But as long as there are rules, there will be rule-breakers. Here are some people who either feel superior to the rest of us law-abiding mortals, or are simply being very naughty and like to cause a lot of trouble and mischief.

1. Up is down

So, remember, the coat goes on the upper hanger, and the purse on the lower. Coat – up, purse – down. Got it… errr… coat… down, purse up, right?

Oh, this is too complicated, wish they had put a put up some pictures to remind everyone of this vital rule…

Reddit | letterstosnapdragon

2. Don’t forget your ‘please’ and ‘thank you’-s

Asking someone to please, not put their feet up is hardly a rule, now is it? It’s more of a request, and you are not obligated by law to grant it.

Reddit | EdwardTennant

3. Only dogs (not) allowed

Everyone knows, dogs can’t read. English. Dogs can’t read English. It would’ve been a different story if the sign was written in dogspeak. It would go something like this: “Woof woof woof. Grrrr. Ruff ruff!”


4. Double whammy

This person was so hardcore, he broke two rules in one go. Taking a photo of your drink with your cellphone… Gah! What a cheeky little fellow.

Reddit | AnonymousTurker

5. Watch out, we have a bada** over here…

This store allows you to use your phone to take photos, the only thing it forbids are selfies. And you’re still not happy…

Reddit | GarlicShells

6. My name is Clippy and I’m here to help you!

I can’t help but wonder if this mischief-maker would’ve bothered linking those paper clips if there was no sign asking them not to do it… Probably he would’ve, yeah…

Pleated Jeans

7. First rule about No Bra Club is you don’t talk about No Bra Club

Second rule is: no bras! Wearing a bra under any circumstances will result in the immediate exclusion from the aforementioned institution, according to the No Bra Club Handy Book of Rules, Regulations, and Rights.

Reddit | Elephantmenstruation

8. A cheesy one-liner title

A clever remark about taking a photo of a ‘no photos’ sign. A hidden reference to Monty Python’s Cheese Shop sketch. A punny punch line at the end.


9. A mat for one, please

The only thing worse than wearing crocs is wearing sandals and socks. If someone’s against the most universally accepted shoe rule, then they can’t be expected to obey other silly rules like waiting to be seated.

Reddit | UncleTR

10. I can do anything I want!

Don’t you just love trolling people by being too literal?

Reddit | [deleted]

11. No locks? Fine, then!

Just think how much money they would’ve made from fining all those romantic couples who used to put padlocks on the Paris bridges…

Reddit | Stealpawya

12. Technically correct is the best kind of correct

They are not using a knife, so any other sharp object, like a fork for example, doesn’t count as breaking the rules. Just bending them. Slightly.

Reddit | DrCapn

13. This one is left, right?

This is not actually that surprising. Lots of people have difficulties telling right from wrong. Left! I mean, telling right from left.

Reddit | mariovansquishy

14. Bill Posters Will Be Prosecuted.

Must. Not. Post. Bills.  Ah, who cares, it’s just funny! Post all the Bills!

Reddit | TopdeBotton

15. Oh, Mark!

Mark marking Mark’s name ‘Mark’ with a marker above a ‘Do not mark’ sign.

Now Mark doesn’t sound like a real word anymore…

Reddit | HarvestProject

16. Right out of the womb

Starting out at an early age is the best recipe for success. Same rules apply for rule-breakers too!

Reddit | mark4669
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