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20 Pics Of People That Really Just Don’t Give A Damn Anymore


People do a lot of things today that leave a lot to be desired. Even if that’s the case, some of them just don’t care and carry on with what they’re doing, and we respect those kinds of people. Here are 20 such people. They can’t be tamed and they are oblivious to the haters. Prepare to laugh.

1. Awkward

At least she apologized.

Source: Twitter | @charstarlene

2. I don’t think that’s how you hold it…

 You can't tell him nothin'.

Source: Reddit | ghansie10

3. You’d think that he’s sticking to his graphic tee

And I hate graphic tees, but what can ya do?

Source: Imgur

4. Except he isn’t

 Wait, what?

Source: Imgur

5. They’re pretty much the same, right?

I mean, they're the same thing, honestly.

Source: Reddit | mitus-2

6. Alcohol is my water


Source: Reddit | timwenzel

7. He’s just not feeling it today

Mood = David Williams

Source: Reddit | punkemon80

8. I find them funny except… I don’t…

I thought I was the only one!

Source: Twitter | @GraceSpelman

9. Exceeding your expectations

No shame in the selfie game.

Source: Twitter | @imteddybless

10. We have bigger problems to assess to…

Peep your priorities.

Source: Twitter | @batkaren

11. A bit cruel but funny

 If this isn't mom goals, I don't know what is.

Source: Twitter | @Simone_wino

12. A legitimate way to get out of a situation

This guy, who refuses to take "boyfriend" for an answer.

Source: Instagram | @madeinpoortaste

13. I would NEVER have the confidence to do this!

Kudos to this guy!

Pls, universe, may I one day have this confidence level.

Source: imgur | MarshallBrown

14. Genius!

Until his parents arrive home.

This kid is, like, what, 12?

Source: Instagram | @fuckjerry

15. You are what you eat?

Introducing you are what you play.

Sometimes the music just takes over, man.

Source: Reddit | @savedbyiron

16. If this is not a testament to queues at the DMV, I don’t know what is

We've all wanted to be this guy.

Source: Instagram | @fuckjerry

17. He certainly has quite a grown up mind, as it seems

To mum:

Source: Reddit | hunter4lyfe

18. Time to quit

This hits a li'l too close.

Source: Reddit | silentparts

19. Can you drill a hole through the ceiling?


Source: Reddit | tiggercandy

20. Leg curls?

Nah, I think I’ll have a Martini.

This gym QUEEN.

Source: Imgur | TaylorSatine
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