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17 People Who Are Having A Way Worse Day Than You

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If you think you are having a bad day, don’t forget that it can always be worse. It’s one of Murphy’s Laws which holds a poignant message not to take life and its challenges too seriously, as the people in the following seventeen photos didn’t: instead of crying over their tragedies, they picked up the camera and shared their loss with the rest of us. Now, we know there is always someone that’s having it worse, and that’s enough to value our unspilled drinks, cheesecake slices that are still on our plates and unfrozen beers higher.

1. The pizza that has been stripped of its best part; RIP Cheese Topping

The pizza that lost its cheese

Source: Twitter | @nathan_perez11

2. Does this dude live in a land that has no coffee?!

This savage

Source: Instagram | @hyenaguide

3. There’s nothing worse than forgetting your six-pack in the freezer – you immediately know you have a ruined sober evening in front of you

The beer chilled too long

Source: Instagram | @janetbevilacqua86

4. This toe giving the finger to both you and the world

This horrific appendage

Source: Twitter | @49erswagg

5. Realizing you bought corked wine and that you do not have enough class to own a corkscrew

The wine bottle that was mistaken for a twist-off

Source: imgur | veintiseis

6. А soda that will never be enjoyed

The soda that will never be enjoyed

Source: reddit | ShowTowels

7. Lasagna is never the real deal without a melted fork thrown in

The most delicious lunch

Source: reddit | O2142

8. A sweater whose one arm is going to be longer than the other from now on

The stretched out sweater

Source: reddit | Scotwriter

9. Eating off the floor has never been more commendable


Source: reddit | Aeleksander_RL

10. That moment when the snack is stuck

 The snack that's stuck

Source: reddit | burgerlover69

11. А broken earbud

The broken earbud

Source: reddit | that_white_girl

12. What a waste of chicken ovulation. I guess you’re having cereal for breakfast

When all of a sudden you're out of eggs

Source: imgur | veintiseis

13. The pepper shaker lid that wasn’t screwed on. Another bowl of cereal

The pepper shaker lid that wasn't screwed on

Source: reddit | chrisdidit

14. А hard-boiled egg that does not peel properly

Not egg-ainnnn!

Source: Instagram | @jesssiker

15. The baked iPhone. Is the cake still edible, though?

The baked iPhone

Source: Twitter | @azealiadelminaj

16. The Blizzard that didn’t flip

The Blizzard that didn't flip

Source: Twitter | @eetorres13

17. Four casualties whose death is mourned to this day

Four casualties

Source: reddit | SlimJones123
Main image via Instagram / @janetbevilacqua86
Collage image via reddit / Aeleksander_RL
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