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16 People Who Have No Idea What They’re Talking About


No one likes people who live to point out other people’s mistakes. It’s very annoying. Especially if you’re having a heated argument with someone over the Internet and they start pointing out the grammar mistakes you’ve made while ranting. No one cares! Besides, it’s usually a sign that you’re winning the argument, when the only retort they can think of is “your grammar sucks, learn to spell.” It really is, so stop using this cheap trick people, you will save us a lot of rage yourself a lot of embarrassment.

Anyway, those are little, unimportant, honest-to-God blunders. Inconsequential, really. But, we can’t deny that there are some seriously huge and absolutely ridiculous mistakes that cannot go by without being pointed out. After all, there has to be a line somewhere. And on the other side of that line, there be dragons. When I say dragons, I mean people who have no idea whatsoever what they’re talking about, and it’s bad. Hilariously bad. Some of them have made it onto this list, compiled by Diply.

1. Omg the crack didn’t show up on the screenshot lol wtf #sorcery



Source: Instagram | @mememang

2. Thou shalt not judgeth by the outward form or thou shalt look very silly


Source: Instagram | @nochill

3. The classic case of mistaken identity. Oh, you could get someone in a lot of trouble this way… Mwahahaa!


Source: Instagram | @thesavageposts

4. If you get caught in a lie, always make up more incredible stories to cover up the lie. Works like a charm.


Source: Instagram | @thesavageposts

5. Children. Don’t you ever learn? The Internet lies.


Source: Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

6. She works at the libery, not the library. Duh!


Source: Instagram | @iwouldshavemylegs4u

7. Are you sure you even know what a horse looks like? Could it be possible that whatever broke your foot was actually something else?


Source: Instagram

8. Fun fact: the inverted cross is not actually a satanic symbol. According to Catholic tradition, Saint Peter was crucified on an upside down cross because he considered himself unworthy to die the same way as Jesus.


Source: Me.me

9. This guy looks pretty good for someone who hasn’t moved a muscle in a year. But how did the phone change colour? #mindblown


Source: Instagram | @thesavageposts

10. And if you also stop drinking, your lungs will be very grateful.


Source: Tumblr | dumbesttweets

11. You can also try charging your phone’s battery in the microwave and deleting System32 to make your computer run faster.


Source: Reddit | @titanicman119

12. You gotta eat your greens, if you want someone to love you! Everyone knows that!


Source: Instagram

13. When your mind is light years in the future, but your body can’t quite keep up.


Source: Twitter | @steven_winstone

14. If he couldn’t trust that she could forgive his girly taste in body wash, then it’s probably better that they broke up…


Source: Instagram | @kalesalad

15. So what did they do with the actual ribbon? Did they remove it and went “what’s this useless thing? Lemme toss it away!”? Or did they stick the ribbon somewhere else and decided not to be wasteful and use the frame as well?


Source: Reddit | skateboarderguy

16. So where is this magical place where you can get a dollar for every penny?


Source: Reddit | Dixienormous_
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