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28 Types Of People That Make Instagram A Disturbance


One of the most popular apps in the world on any platform is Instagram. As is customary with popular things, people always will find a way to take it too far. Some thing we will cover here can be fine in principle, as long as not taken to extremes. But generally the case is different.

One of the most annoying things done on this social platform is posting of the exact same picture or motive over and over again. We’ve all seen your barista’s perfect cappuccino, liked it the first time and carried on with our lives. No need for a weekly reminder. Yes, you have a friend who’s very funny when drunk. Don’t make a full dossier of his inebriated exploits every weekend.

Without further ado, here are some of the worst types of people, trends, habits and generally poor taste annoyances found on Instagram, brought to us by Ranker.

People liking their own posts!


Maybe the concept eludes you, but it’s evident: if you posted it, you surely liked it.

The daily selfie


Did you get a nose job? Has a bus hit you in the mug? If not, we know how your face looks like. If you don’t, take a long look in the mirror, and ponder your life choices.

The over-obsessive pair


We all salute your love, congratulate you actually. But be sure, there is absolutely no need to daily remind us singles how cute you can be, while we bathe in gloom alone at home.

Gods of the gym


Wow, you must work you a lot. That 10th pic of your abs since Monday proves it, okay. I, on the other hand, do not! No need to constantly try to inspire me that I should. My big butt plays that role perfectly.

Mirror, mirrored mirror and similar


It was maybe fun the first time. Your obsession with mirrors tells me you just got out of the rain-forest. Because since that first glimpse of yourself in the magic glass, your fascination is constantly growing.

The hashtags-galore master


#Do #You #Even #Hashtag, #Bro?

The well documented diet


Eating healthy deserves commendation. Photo-documenting every bite on Instagram maybe deserves a diagnose?



Everyone has a wild side. Maybe. But out of focus, blurry shots from the floor of the club podium tell also a different story about you, guurrrrl!

The see-my-ride selfie


A somewhat annoying type. OK, so you got a neat ride, bravo! Don’t crash it while looking for the best angle for that selfie, though.

I’m the only good looking person in that group picture


We’ve all been a victim of this one. Not cool, let me tell you, not cool indeed.

Too noisy and loud videos of concerts and parties


No one, not even you will ever look at these again. Why bother? Really, why?

Quotes to motivate and inspire


No matter how much followers you have, unless you’re a guru in real life, just stop it. It’s mostly counterproductive.

Conversation screenshots


There is a time and place for these: pvt gossip chats, and maybe funny forums. Insta is for arts, you dummy!

Don’t know when to stop with the filters


One, two, maaaaaybe three. That’s it. Keep it simple. No amount of filtering will help you poor choice of motif, or the angle you took it from.

#TBT of recent stuff


In order to qualify for #TBT, it has to have some temporal distance with the present day. Last week does not qualify, no! Show Instagram some respect, please.

I got all the dank memes


Google can tell you that the meme you just posted has already been eaten by moths. Get some fresh ones.

People with a dog obsession


Sure, guilty as charged, we all liked at least once a pic of cute mischievous pups. The 745 pics of your dog, already 9 years old, most of them on the same couch, can only serve to increase your sentence.

Wedding crushers


What started as a pretty cool idea, ended up being profusion of bad taste. #ourwedding is OK, but there is no need for every picture to be posted in the following months and years.

You comment without liking?


That’s just plain show for lack of manners. I’m not gonna lose sleep over one less like, but please revise your policy.

The birthday best friend patchwork


Yes, you have lots of pics together, we’ve seen them, we know them, hell, we’ve even liked some of them even. The birthday collage is so junior high school move.

100 Days of Happiness


Yes, doing something every day for 100 days is a challenge. Unless it’s eating cheese cake. That would be true happiness. Watching you try to shave off 10 pounds while suffering like an inmate is not, though…

Pictures with a dead object in them


Inanimate things. Most of the time they fail to enliven me.

Oh, those glory days


There are those that don’t have much to brag about, so every opportunity they get to use #TBT they do. If only it was not about that only high school medal they got for best stitches.

Clouds and airplane wings


It was awe-inspiring the first time, astonishing the second time we saw it. Now nothing screams ‘economy class cheap seats’ like these pictures. Well, maybe the plane engines you sit next to.

I travel the world, what about you?


Yes, you visited some very beautiful places, seen some amazing things. Just don’t ask me why I can’t join you. See, I have planted my ass-roots so deep in this office chair, people tend to notice me only after seasonal changes.

People with no single post, ever!


Come on, it’s a bit creepy. Surely you have a weird cousin that looks pretty funny when drunk & wearing grandpa’s overalls from 1930’s. Don’t be so shy.

Sunset, sunset, and another sunset


Sometimes I wonder if you’re a bot designed to take a pic every time the sun drops from the horizon. And just that.

DIY Master, practicality wizard


Yes, we as humans can use our hands to make many things. Imagine that!

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