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16 People Who Instantly Regretted Posting Their Tattoos On Social Media


It’s an understandable situation, really. You get a new tattoo and you want to show it off so you post it to whatever social media you have. The problem with this is, sometimes the tattoos are kinda messy, and you might want to think about posting them and instead spending time thinking about how you’re going to cover it up.

As you might have guessed, these people didn’t think and they just took it straight to social media to show off their tattoos, but almost instantly, they regretted it.

1. T’oo m’an’y unne’ccess’a’r’y apostrophe’s

It's true, life goes on. But what's that apostrophe for?

Source: The Chive

2. Refuse to sink, and yet you’ve tattooed an anchor

In case you don’t know, an anchor is something that actually provokes sinking.

"Refuse to sink" isn't so easy when you're an anchor

Source: Reddit | Shadrack_Meshax

3. Rotten just like Tumblr’s understanding of the Arabic language!

 You could have lived in ignorant bliss, but now you know the real meaning

Source: Instagram

4. A bass clef is for powerful souls, though, right?

Because I'm all about that bass, 'bout that bass

Source: Pleated-Jeans

5. Two male symbols, nice!

She thought she got two female symbols but they're actually male

Source: Imgur | Crystal1987

6. The internet is full of lie’s, as it turns out

Here comes another unnecessary apostrophe

Source: Pleated-Jeans

7. Not entirely sure that’s the word you’re looking for…

Here's a lesson: sometimes words sound the same but are not the same

Source: Twitter | @jeeveswilliams

8. Someone messed up

There's a big difference between the Pagan and Jewish faiths

Source: Reddit | OMGLMAOWTF_com

9. What was he actually going for?

I don't know what he was trying to go for, but it probably wasn't that

Source: Kotaku

10. Looks like a wolf that’s had a slightly higher dose of drugs

Excuse me, but your wolf looks kind of rodent-ish

Source: Pleated-Jeans

11. Consequence? Just the one?

You don’t get it, it’s spelt wrog on purpose.

Come on, people, get with it!

Source: The Chive

12. I doubt that the cross Jesus was crucified to looked like that…

That, sir, is a stump!

Source: The Chive

13. Far more, then our abilities?

Far more of what?

Than/then, we've all made that little mistake, right?

Source: Izismile

14. Eh, it’s close enough right?

Don't listen to the haters

Source: Reddit | Makovu

15. What about Google Translate though?

You'll definitely want to double-check any tattoos that require a translation

Source: Bad Hebrew Tattoos

16. A time when the tattoo artist was quite literally trolling

And isn’t it ironic that you’re asking for “God almighty” to be written in a language spoken by people who aren’t christian? Just a thought.

Sometimes getting a tattoo artist who actually knows the language can backfire

Source: Reddit | catsmustdie
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