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20 People That Don’t Have Any Time To Listen To The Haters

20 People That Don't Have Any Time To Listen To The Haters

Admit it: you all look up to those people that are living their life to their own tune, enjoying it, and got no time to listen to the haters. Here’s a gallery of people that are doing exactly that: living life to the fullest, making choices that cater to them and no one else, and they got no time for some stinking haters.

1. Deviating from the norm

This little girl, who just loves her owl so much.

Source: Twitter | @tastefactory

2. This little girl loves talking into this pipe

This little girl, who loves talking to this pipe.

Source: Twitter | @xplodingunicorn

3. These are this kid’s bath toys

He’ll cook while making some music.

This little kid, who decided that these were his bath toys.

Source: Instagram | @ksquaredmommy2

4. At least he’s proving it

The class probably burst out laughing.

 This professor, who is the definition of living your truth.

Source: Reddit | reggiebdead

5. That’s what grandmas are for, right?

This grandma who is scolding a pelican.

Source: Reddit | Schnarf_Schnarf

6. Hey look, it’s the meme kid!

This kid, who is so over wearing pajamas.

Source: Reddit | KillerKenyan

7. Badass dad

This dad, who is now my personal hero.

Source: Twitter | @ovoxchlo

8. Why is he dressed in a purple checkered flag?

Is he about to launch a Nascar race?

This kid, who should probably design his own fashion line.

Source: Reddit | YungProlapze

9. Horses are so last week

Bicycles are in!

This cop, who is just in his own world.

Source: Reddit | Bizarrmenian

10. How is that baby not scared?

This guy is not giving a single damn.

This guy, who is just being himself.

Source: Reddit | toothman69 

11. They found each other on the perfect spot

Well, perfect in their mind.

This couple, who are truly meant to be with each other.

Source: Reddit | [deleted]

12. It’s a new phone, but how do I use it?

This lady, who is talking on her phone the wrong way.

Source: Reddit | C-Ron

13. How can you have such little knowledge of parking?

 This person who has no idea how to park.

Source: Reddit | Jkatz88 

14. Thanks for the warning, Mr. Old Fart

This person, who is just giving you a warning.

Source: Reddit | [deleted]

15. I don’t want to do this

This older gentleman who is not hiding how he feels.

Source: Imgur |  stephenlloyd

16. How short are this dude’s shorts?

This park ranger, who is truly serving some fashion!

Source: Tumblr | theclearlydope

17. Say what you want about Batman

But he can be a princess too!

This guy, who knows that Batman is a princess too.

Source: Imgur | justbecausetheycan

18. Someone has been watching too many Robbie Williams music videos

This woman, who is rocking a tail like no other.

Source: Reddit | sketchampm

19. That’s not how a hammock works, dude

But if that’s what floats your boat, it’s cool.

This man, who doesn't care if that's not how a hammock works.

Source: Imgur | daimonysos

20. Someone call an exorcist, please

This girl, who is nailing the pose.

Source: Reddit | CatsTho 
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