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19 People Whose Luck Was In Their Favor


Getting lucky extends to so many more things beyond, say, winning the lottery or something major like that. For these 19 people, it simply meant that when they opened up a package of food to cook and/or eat it, they got just a tiny bit more than what they originally called for, or perhaps they grabbed or found something that they shouldn’t be at the age that they are, among other things.

Take a look and pray that one day you’ll get as lucky as these people did.

1. So many red dots


Source: imgur | drkiekin

2. Two gummies in one pack



Source: imgur | FAERIESLAYER

3. This guy has grabbed a pair of boobs much before you probably did

Think about that for a second.


Source: imgur | vanillagorillaslovepineapple

4. This is not fair

For me the drink just gets stuck.


Source: reddit | nativeofspace

5. A long line of Cap’ns


Source: reddit | mari_wanna

6. Don’t count them, I’ll save you the time

He got 20 sticks instead of 18.


Source: imgur | afroJsimpson

7. Two flavor packs in a single pack of ramen

Ramen seasoning is like the best thing the world, so this person is definitely lucky.


Source: imgur | MotherOfFlagans

8. I mean, this is amazing

But I hope that this isn’t a recent photo, cause that iPhone looks old.


Source: imgur | Mallcy

9. Box of Lucky Charms with only marshmallows

Heaven on Earth.


Source: imgur | TheJourn

10. Only one Fruit Gusher?

Well these were all stuck together and formed one so I guess that counts. *naughty laugh*


Source: imgur | namormckenzie

11. That could have ended a lot worse

To say they got lucky would be an understatement...

Source: imgur | iLikeJakeAndAmir

12. No mac spilled out


Source: redditu | jake_newton

13. Thank goodness for that FC Real Madrid keychain


Source: reddit | ZSnake

14. Tree perfectly fits around the back of this car


Source: reddit | pincheloca

15. One extra beer

The luck of this person!


Source: reddit | lexgrub

16. Double rainbow all the way!

Remember that?


Source: imgur | CaitRose

17. Screw your bullseye

I got something better.


Source: reddit | probly2drunk

18. Two inches away from a puncture

And a really bad day.


Source: reddit | kr8zytiger

19. Three Pop Tarts in one

Time to stuff your face with three times the frosty goodness!


Source: reddit | LOLindorff
Main image via reddit / probly2drunk
Collage images via 1. reddit / pincheloca 2. imgur / Mallcy 3. reddit / lexgrub

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