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The People In Our Favorite Classic Memes Are All Grown Up Now


You know what they say: life is not life without memes. There are a lot of things nowadays that get turned into memes, the most recent being things like fidget spinners, cracking open a cold one with the boys, and just these days, Donald Trump’s tweet mistake.

But today, we’re going old school, to some of the original memes we know and love, and specifically, we’re going to see how the people featured in the memes have grown up since the photos have been taken and their respective memes have become popular.

1. The Disaster Girl

The house that this photo was taken in front of was just for a training session, which would explain the girl’s expression on her face.

The People In Our Favorite Classic Memes Are All Grown Up Now 1


As the photo was taken in 2004, Zoe Roth is all grown up now.

The People In Our Favorite Classic Memes Are All Grown Up Now 2

Source: Instagram | @zoeroth

2. The Success Kid

This meme kicked off after a mom posted a picture of her baby son online after he had put a fistfull of sand in his mouth.


Source:Know Your Meme

The boy with the sand, Sammy Griner, has grown up an awful lot since then, and the great thing about this meme is that it actually raised enough money on a GoFundMe campaign for Sammy’s dad to have a kidney transplant.


Source: Instagram | @laneymg

The picture is well over 10 years old now. I feel old.


Source: Instagram | @laneymg

3. Side-Eyeing Chloe

Chloe perfectly represents my reaction to literally everything I see on a daily basis.



Chloe is now growing up very quickly, and you can tell that her meme is going to make a great throwback in her life one day.


Source: Instagram | @lilyandchloeofficial

It’s just so funny because this is literally Chloe’s reaction to being told that she’s going to Disneyland.


4. McKayla Maroney’s dissatisfied face

This is her reaction for winning silver at the Olympics, by the way.

I don’t know about you, but if I had won silver at the Olympics, I certainly wouldn’t be pulling this face. But, each to their own I guess.


Source:Know Your Meme

She has since retired from gymnastics and is focusing on a music career, and she’s looking stunning!


Source: Instagram | @mckaylamaroney

Like, just imagine being so memorable that even the former President of the United States finds it funny. Goals? Maybe?



5. Good Luck Charlie girl

When I’m not pulling Chloe’s Disneyland face, I’m pulling this one.



The actress, Mia Talerico has done some serious growing up and is apparently still in the acting game.


Source: Instagram | @miatalerico101

6. Overly Attached Girlfriend

One of the most well-known memes, a perfect mix of hilarious and creepy.



Her real name is Laina, and although her Overly Attached Girlfriend days are past her, she still posts some quite funny content to those that follow her.


Source: Instagram | @laina622

This tweet she posted absolutely cracks me up.


Source: Twitter | @laina622

7. Ermahgerd Girl

This is one of the oldest memes out there, but it still remains one of the best.


Source:Know Your Meme

Maggie Goldenberger was in the sixth grade when the photo was taken, but now she’s 29 and she wasn’t bothered about it because she was “just messing around.”


Source:New Statesman

Who remembers when this meme was absolutely everywhere?


Source: Pinterest | Ragen Shafer

8. Bad Luck Brian

The pictured person’s name is actually Kyle Craven.


Source:Know Your Meme

The good thing is, Kyle was in with the joke and he made himself look goofy on purpose just for the picture day, and he was named”class clown” in high school.


Source: Facebook | Bad Luck Brian

With a shirt from the thrift store and rubbing his eyes before taking the photo, the principal made him go back and retake the photo.

The lengths people go to become a meme…



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