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20 Pics Of People Who Are Most Certainly Unimpressed With The Situation


Life doesn’t always go how we want it to go, and sometimes we just get unhappy, upset. However, sometimes, someone tries to help us out, but they just make the situation worse and they just leave us unimpressed.

Here’s a gallery of people who really aren’t that impressed at all, brought to us by Diply.

1. This wife doesn’t like her Wookie costume

20 Pics Of People Who Are Most Certainly Unimpressed With The Situation

Source: Reddit | TrippDouglass

2. This is why you don’t trust online shopping

Don’t do it. Seriously.

 This daughter is quite unimpressed with her mother's bargain hunting skills. Maybe if she buys a few dozen more, she can sew them together and make a pair that will fit.

Source: Twitter | @lilveggiez

3. Nice one, Dad

If you'd like to see someone who is not impressed, just hang around a teenager with a father prone to making dad jokes. This one is particular is definitely not enthused.

Source: Imgur

4. I can understand where she’s coming from

She’s there to work out, not to get groped.

 Fellas, she's here to work out, not find a date. She's not impressed by how much you can bench, so please follow the advice on her shirt and leave her alone.

Source: Imgur | autoregress

5. This is where the meme came from

 His mother accidentally mixed up picture day with pajama day, and he's not too thrilled about it. If I was in this position, I'd be so happy that I got to wear my SpongeBob pajamas in my school photo.

Source: Reddit | KillerKenyan

6. She didn’t really like her first encounter with cows

She's not impressed by her first interaction with cows. Maybe she found out where milk comes from and realized that she'll never be able to look at breakfast cereal the same.

Source: Imgur

7. I want to find the person in the factory that designed that pizza

Then, I want to ask them “Did you do this?” and then slap it in their face and leave.

That is the saddest, most pathetic looking pizza I have ever seen. I'd be extremely unimpressed too if I was promised food that look liked the picture on the box.

Source: Reddit | DudeBug

8. Lady, what are you doing?

This baby has had enough with hearing you yell about your gossip. That look on his face is so judgmental. He's just trying to enjoy his meal in peace, so please have some respect.

Source: Instagram | @will_ent

9. Grandpa just can’t do this anymore

Grandpa doesn't seem very excited about the new addition to the family. It's probably his fifth or sixth grandchild and the novelty has worn off by now. It's just more crying at family gatherings.

Source: Instagram | @kalesalad

10. For real, human?

 Man's best friend just quickly became man's worst enemy. He's never going to be able to trust his owner again. You can tell by the look of pure anger and disappointment in his eyes.

Source: The Mind Circle

11. The bartender is not chuffed by special occasions

 Chris is pretty unimpressed by the "birthday deal" that the bartender so graciously offered him. Instead, he should just go to Denny's to get the free birthday meal that they offer.

Source: Reddit | Nozier23

12. Look, I know you need your stuff

But I gotta finish this game of Solitaire. Gotta see those cards bouncing across the screen!

"You need to process your visa applications? Well too bad. It's gotta wait, because I'm on the verge of finally beating this dang solitaire game. Stop complaining or I'll start a new game."

Source: Imgur | dortmunder

13. Well, it is technically the right answer, right?

 Technically he followed the instructions perfectly but the teacher is not enthused. This one is the teacher's fault, in my opinion. If you want better answers, you need you ask better questions.

Source: Reddit | ffngg

14. The box be like “Come on, I know you can do better than this”

This box is not very impressed with the selections of meats that are available. I would feel very judged if I was trying to shop for steak while this cardboard box was judging me.

Source: Imgur | TheFarLeft

15. Welcome to the wonderful thing known as adulthood, have a nice stay! 🙂

 Welcome to adulthood, buddy. You've got a quite a few more decades of the government taking your hard-earned money, so you have plenty of time left to get used to it!

Source: Instagram | @will_ent

16. Explain yourself, gentleman

I've never seen an animal as unimpressed as this turtle. I can feel his emotion through the screen. Maybe he's just upset that he wasn't cast in the live action version of Finding Nemo.

Source: Reddit | DKFShredder

17. Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is confused

This guy ran into Carlton from The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air and performed his interpretation of Carlton's famous dance moves. He's clearly not impressed. He's been having people come up to him and do this for decades now.

Source: Reddit | WutUtalkingBoutWill

18. This won’t be a long lasting friendship…

Baby is not impressed by the goat during his first visit at the petting zoo. But the goat seems equally unimpressed with the baby. It doesn't seem like they're going to be friends.

Source: Reddit | PartemConsilio

19. Grandpa is too old for this crap

Everyone's enjoying the ride except for Grandpa. The look on his face says, "I didn't fight in the war so that my grandkids could force me onto some stupid roller coaster."

Source: Reddit | Dastalon

20. This guy wanted a neck tattoo

Except it wasn’t what or where he wanted. He paid $37, keep in mind.

This guy was at a party and wanted a neck tattoo, but passed out before getting it. He woke up with a neck tattoo... But exactly not the kind he wanted. And he still had to pay $37 for it!

Source: Reddit | Munchlax_1147
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