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15 People Whose Partners Aren’t The Brightest Bulbs On The Porch


Intelligence isn’t a determining factor when it comes to falling for someone. Sure, it’s very important, but you can love someone even if they aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed. You can even find their simplicity exasperating, but at the same time charming and adorable. Still, there are people who are just not the brightest, and then there are people who are as bright as Alaska in December. Which is not at all.

On the Internet, one can often encounter this latter kind of people. And it always comes as a huge surprise how thick a person can be. It seems rather impossible that people exist who still firmly believe that the Earth is flat,  or people who think that if you cut a pizza in eight pieces you get more pizza than if you cut it in six.

In the face of this level of denseness, we are left with nothing else to do but laugh. So let’s celebrate these people whose partners couldn’t pour water out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel. This list, compiled by Bored Panda, of hilarious epic fails will definitely make you feel better about yourself.

1. Cats are extremelly intelligent, it’s true. But to think that a cat would give you a present?! Everyone knows cats just don’t give a damn about people!



2. Technically they’re still shells, just not sea shells. Best not to shatter his illusion.



3. Keeping your keys under lock and key. Best way to make sure you don’t lose them. And that you never use them again.



4. The real question is how did she get to thirty without ever before noticing the sun and moon being out at the same time?



5. Not sure if this guy who bought this when his sick girlfriend asked him for a thermometar is stupid, or if he’s sending her some naughty signals…



6. This person’s girlfriend wanted to know what the “NO” on the switch meant. Well, obviously it means “No, this switch is not off.” It might have been easier to understand if they had written “ON” instead. Oh wait…



7. “I asked my wife to bring my basement shoes to me. She said, ‘The Opaads?'” Well, she ain’t wrong. She ain’t right, but she ain’t wrong either.



8. Perhaps not the best way to unpack your new cable. But, considering how annoyingly difficult it is to open this kind of package, I can’t really blame them for losing it.



9. There is a lesson in this: read. It’s a great way to learn words.



10. So, I guess that means that the only way to go south is to walk backwards. And the only ones who can move east or west are the crabs…

#10 North


11. This woman’s husband confused a picture of a uterus with the logo of the Texas Longhorns football team… They aren’t dissimilar, I’ll give him that, but the fact that it was at the gynecologist’s office might have been a clue.



12. Imagine his shock when he finds out his mother breastfed him…

#12 Breast Feeding


13. What planet does she live on?!



14. Not surprising really, if it took her that long to choose one from three options.

#14 Noun


15. “I am 5’1″. I asked my 6’2″ husband to hang a mirror for me.” Some people just don’t ever think about anyone else. So inconsiderate. On the other hand, if he had placed the mirror at her height, he wouldn’t have been able to use it himself. Get a bigger mirror!


From: Bored Panda

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