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People Share Really Useless Life Hacks And They Are Hilarious


There is a plethora of life hacks on the Internet and they can be true lifesavers for us and our everyday life. Well, most of them at least. A lot of the hacks are pretty genius, letting us achieve our everyday tasks a lot easier and simpler than before.
As previously mentioned, not all of the hacks on the Internet are mind-blowing and life-changing, on the contrary, there are many life hacks that are creative but somehow… really useless. Well, not completely useless. They are here to make us laugh at least, hence not totally useless.

Scroll down, give yourself a good laugh and marvel at the absurdity of it all with these parody life hacks, courtesy of Bored Panda.

1. Turn the old doll head into handy night lights for kids.


Source: Improbably_wrong

2. Freeze a few gallons of boiling water and save it for later


Source: datassque

3. Non-smoker hack


Source: buttpoems

4. Those eye-catching collages…


Source: toromio

5. If you sleep until noon you would only have to pay for two meals instead of three.


Source: harriscolten

6. Use a popcorn as a smoke alarm. When you hear cracking, take your popcorn and run.


Source: shittyIifetips

7.  If it works it’s not stupid


Source: maharaja17

8. Use a snake to hold your pasta instead of you.


Source: Tucko29

9. When your car is making  an annoying noise, simply turn the radio up until it disappears


Source: theultimatedoot

10. When cutting a bagel in half, make sure you put your finger through the hole to keep it steady while cutting


Source: jaapgrolleman

11.  Make sure you bring two puppies when someone asks you for help


12. If you stir coconut oil into kale, it makes it easier to scrape into the trash.


Source: Boobooloo

13. If you’re having a bad day, put your sunglasses. Now, you are having a bad evening.


Source: SkillUpYT

14. If you feeling lonely, fill a rubber glove with warm water and hold it with your hand.


Source: gregthegregest

15.  Make sure that you use this hack with deaf people


Source: robotrowboat

16. Getting bit by a rattlesnake is a great way of getting rid of wrinkles.


Source: kyletells

17. A button to turn your regular drink into a diet one


Source: osher32

18. Put glitter in your mouth before sneezing. It’s gonna be magical!


19. Putting the phone in water will magnify the screen up to 200%


Source: gabewil

20. Use this tip to save your money


Source: howfemalesact

21. Put some of your dirty dishes on the dishrack in order to make it look like you have fewer dishes to wash.


Source: TheJoePilato

22. Don’t be afraid to use public bathroom ever again


Source: j0be

23. Provide natural protection for your computer


Source: thejogging

24. Shift from 5th gear to “R” for racing


Source: gregthegregest

25. Put your wipers up so the parking inspector won’t have a place to give you a ticket


Also, do not attempt to try any of these. Except the puppy part. That one was good.

Source: untitled02
From: boredpanda

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