5 Efortless Hairstyles Perfect For Any Festival Or Party

Five Effortless Hairstyles Perfect For Any Festival Or Party


A good festival or party are a great way to forget about all your week’s troubles and just let loose. The only thing that might put a damper on your fun can be your hair. If you plan on dancing the night away or just simply chilling to good music, having your long hair in the way is just plain annoying. But now, thanks to Asha Tregear, there just might be a way to get around all that.
A popular blogger and vlogger about all things beauty and fashion, Asha has gathered more that 120 thousand followers on her famous YouTube channel BeautyByAsha. And now, she can help you out with these five easy hairstyles, which anyone can perfect in just a few minutes.


To get this easy look, separate your hair in two pigtails. You can leave the top of your hair loose or tighten it as you like. Then simply fishtail-braid both of them and secure them with pins or hair ties. If you like, you can also loosen them up a bit, or add your personal touches to the braids.

hairstyles 1


For this half-up, half-down look, pull up the top half of your hair into a ponytail, which you can also tie up into a bun. For the lower part, you can just leave it loose or maybe put in a couple of braids in between.

hairstyles 2


Braid the upper parts of your hair backward, where you tie them up into a loose bun, making it look effortless. Afterward, you can use hair from under the bun to make a nice braid, just to make it all look a little more interesting.

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Pull your hair to one side, and just loosely braid the upper parts. Afterward, pull some sections out of the lower parts and tie them around the braid to add a little flare to the overall look.

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For the final look, part your hair and put some sections into a half-up, half-down look. Afterward, secure the upper parts into space-buns with some pins. Then, use some inexpensive glitter and just sprinkle it on top to finish off the final festival look.

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