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The Perfect Man – Guy Would Do Anything To Take The Perfect Instagram Photo Of His Girlfriend


It’s more than obvious that Instagram has become a regular part of our lives, at least for some of us. While some still despise it, some are walking miles to achieve a great snap on the social media app. Nowadays, it is so simple to take a picture, and that’s why people are struggling to make it perfect even out of daily and mundane situations like having your coffee. But, when you go to a vacation, it is a more intense story. That’s when some people try to do their best in showing their followers how fantastic their holiday is. When in fact, it’s probably far from the truth.

However, we’ve started living for those hearts and likes, haven’t we? Sometimes, it takes courage and stamina to achieve the perfect Instagram photo, and this Puerto Rican boyfriend is nailing it for his girlfriend. THe Interned is fascinated by the behind-the-scenes photos proving how difficult it is to make the perfect snap.


Finding the perfect angle and lighting is key, as this couple showed.


This is Paolo Pentón González and her boyfriend, Gabriel Martínez Rivera. They live in Puerto Rico and recently took a holiday to the British Virgin Isles. You can’t imagine what the couple did for mking the perfect “grammable” snaps, and the main photographer was, obviously, Marínez

“He’s no photographer, but he takes great pictures,” said Pentón.

“He’s always doing everything he can to get a good shot” she added. To prove Pentón wasn’t lying, their firends started taking hilarious behind-the-scenes photos that show the extent he goes when taking the perfect snap of his girlfriend.

The internet went wild after one particular photo of them sailing off Peter Island. Here is Martínez literally hanging off the side of a boat, trying to take the perfect picture of Pentón.


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The real shot turned out perfect, to be honest, but his commitment is indeed strange and crazy in a way.

sweeter than honey | 📸: @gabitomartinez93

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Twitter user @_KingNeek shared the photos, saying: “If you’re not trying to be tangled up and hanging like this off a boat for me to have a great picture like this, I don’t want you.”

Then, people started being impressed with his dedication and love for his girlfriend.

Pentòn admits that the majority of her Instagram photos are taken by her wonderful boyfriend, and she’s grateful for him: “if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have all these great Instagram pictures.”


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Martinéz is actually loving his moment in the limelight, according to Pentón. That is indeed a man who loves his girlfriend!

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