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How To Do The Perfect Messy Bun


Hey people, these days there are tonnes of tutorials which you can get a lot of advice from. You just have to know what is bothering you and baam, there you go.

Our favorite ones are  DIY project where we can get creative and feel good about ourselves. So, why not take a look at some hairstyles like the messy bun?

We all love having the perfect messy bun, it is an easy way to pass through the day when in a rush. It also looks classy and simple, just what we need. But how do we achieve perfection you might ask? We have all the right tricks for you. Check them out below:

Don’t you just love it?



Start with washing your hair, remove all tangles and make sure your hair is ready to be styled.

Then, tie your hair up in a ponytail.



When your hair is dry, pull up all the hair so it will be easier to tie a ponytail.

Start twisting your hair.



Make sure that all the hair get inside and no strands fall out. If some of your strands fall out, you can always use bobby pins and continue twisting.

Almost there.



When all the twisting is done, wrap all your hair near the base of the ponytail

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