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Perrie Edwards Has An Excellent Proof That She Doesn’t Use Photoshop


It seems like he “Photoshop police” are out there, following all the celebrities wherever they go. And celebrities have one thing to do: post a video disclaiming Photoshop haters, and Perrie Edwards is one of these celebrities. 23-year old singer and part of the British girl band Little Mix, has recently posted a great video on her Instagram profile to answer all of her haters, after posting a picture showing off her curves. The picture was obviously thought to be photoshopped, but she disclaimed this in a hilarious way.

The pop star has recently been caught on camera enjoying her holiday time with her bae, the football-boyfriend Alex Oxlande-Chamberlain. Arsenal’s football player has been spotted with Perrie at St Lucia, and the couple have been posting loads of snaps and pictures from their vacation.

And fans can’t stop commenting about their pictures. First, it was about her fresh-faced and makeup-free selfie, and now it’s about her bum. She posted a picture of herself on a swing, wearing a sexy white swimsuit.

My boy got views 👀

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And that’s when the comments started. She started receiving some not-so-friendly comments on her Instagram picture because some of her followers thought that she had photoshopped her derriere to make it look bigger.
You might believe this is true, however, she really has a Kardashian0like behind.

And the pop star did a special video to prove the haters wrong.

She captioned the video ‘For all photoshop police out there’.

For all the photoshop police out there 👮🏼‍♀👍🏻

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Her boyfriend made the video himself, and you can hear him saying ‘It looks monstrous’. And you can also hear her respond, saying:: ‘Oh no,’ while she sits on the swing.


It’s no lie that she has curves, and she has proven that a couple of times on her daily posts on her Instagram profile. It seems like she is having a blast.


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