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These Personality Traits Might Be True For You If You Like To Spend Time Alone


Some people prefer to be alone and don’t like being surrounded by others. That’s all fine, but having a wish to stay alone and isolated without anyone around you could also mean you have these personality traits.


1. Self aware

Alone time gives these people enough time to reflect upon themselves and their feelings.


2. Open-minded

They’re always open to try new things, but they remain picky about who they want to try those new things with. If they let you come along for the ride with them, know that you’re special.


3. Firm expectations for their boundaries

They have firm expectations for their boundaries, but they’ll give your boundaries as much respect as their own. To put it simpler: they’re not afraid to say no if they don’t want to do something.


4. Empathetic

Because loners are alone for a major part of their life, they’re prepared to put their needs before your own and will always be the first ones to sign up to help you out.


5. They know that perfection doesn’t exist

Going back to the self-awareness thing, they spend so much time reflecting on themselves that they’re fully aware of every single one of their flaws. They know that no one is perfect and therefore don’t expect you to be either.


6. Loyal

You should become friends with a loner, as due to them not surrounding themselves with a lot of acquaintances and forgetting you, they will be loyal and will stay with you till the end.


7. Time is valuable

Spending time with themselves means that they also know how valuable time is, so you can be damn sure that they’ll never waste any of yours. If a loner is spending time with you, you’re special, because they don’t like to spend time on people they don’t love.


8. Level-headed

Loners don’t get a difficult or seemingly “scary” situation get the better of them. They’re calm, they don’t run and they don’t panic. Instead, they approach all problems they may have with a clear and sensible mind.


Are you happier alone than spending time with people? Do these traits also apply for you? Let us know in the comments!

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