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If You Have A Pesky Chin Hair This Is Why It Won’t Stop Growing!

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How many times have you got annoyed when you were just about to do your makeup, you looked in the mirror and you saw a dreaded chin hair.?Oh, not again. Probably you wished for some miraculous advice on how to get rid of it forever.

Well, you are not alone. It happens to most of us, and some of the women are brave enough to share their experiences. Believe it, or not it’s not pleasant.

Here’s what people had to say about the moment when they found theirs.

“I too have a long chin hair. I remember when I first discovered it. I was driving, and I almost veered off the road into a dumpster as my fingers traversed the length! I thought of the date I’d recently been on (that went nowhere) and wondered if it had been glistening in the candlelight.” —Maria, 41

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“I have this one hair on the right side of my chin and that I always feel pop up. One time I couldn’t find my tweezers to get it, so while I was in the shower I decided to just shave it—and ended up cutting my chin : /” —Emily, 23

“I have a rogue neck hair, and for some reason I never see it until I’m in my car looking into the visor mirror. There’s something about natural daylight that lets you see EVERY LITTLE IMPERFECTION. Anyway, this one hair just pops up out of nowhere and it’s long when I find it. I’m so horrified that I now keep tweezers everywhere: at my desk, in my car, at my bedside. And I’m constantly checking for it. Now I definitely touch the side of my neck 100x a day and there’s probably some skin sagging that’s going to result. Ugh.” —Julie, 26

“I have not one but six Weird Hairs, and they’re all on the left side of my body, which seems like either a weird science thing or a weird curse thing. I have two persistent thick black chin hairs, a few weird upper lip hairs, one on my chest and a long dark hair on my (otherwise largely hairless/blond) arms. None of them grow in any predictable fashion, so I only ever notice them when things have gotten real strange and I have to find a way to tweeze them. My mom has the same thing and she calls them her witch hairs, so I’m hoping I also have secret magical powers that I’m still growing into.” —Megan, 31

How did you feel when you first found yours?

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