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6 Easy Methods To Get Rid Of Pesky Blackheads And Whiteheads

Blackheads And Whiteheads

Have you ever just taken a good look at your skin, in one of those lit up magnified mirrors? You probably have spotted ugly blackheads and whiteheads.

Well, here are some some simple and not-costly methods to get rid of them.

The perky vlogger Jennifer Chiu outlines how she unclogs her pores, and, she’s got SIX unexpected steps to follow. We promise, you haven’t heard about some of these before!

1. Use steam to open up those pores


The first step to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads is to just use some steam! Take a soft hand towel, and drop into a bowl of hot water. Remove after several seconds, and hold the towel up to your T-zone and breathe in.

Side note: if you want a spa-like experience, add some drops of essential oil to the towel first.

2. Prep your skin


Once your steaming towel has cooled, gently pat the area dry. Next, spritz a bit of toner onto an all-natural cotton pad and wipe over your nose area. This step allows for those newly-opened pores to become purified.

3. Grab those flossers


The next step is true DIY genius! Sure, you can go to your beauty store and buy an expensive metal extractor, but you can get that same job done just by using disposable flossers that might already be in your bathroom cabinets.

To complete the extractions, drag the floss end over the nose area using steady scraping motions. Try this by starting on the sides of your nose—after several scrapes, you should start to see some white pus come out. For the middle, or more “cartilage-y” part of your nose, push together two flossers to drive out the bad stuff.

If your whitehead is really big, then feel free to improvise a bit. What Jennifer did, is she turned the flosser around and she scraped the pus with the sharp side when the floss wasn’t doing the job. It’s gross, but genius!

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