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This Is Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Pet With The Kids


Have you ever made the mistake of leaving your pet and the kids alone? If so, you can definitely relate to the mayhem that you are about to witness. Your children and your pets might have a great bond together but it doesn’t mean that your kids are good pet sitters. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why. Enjoy!


1. The Presence of Sharpies

I am so curious to know how these kids got the dog to sit still to be colored this way…


2. The Kids Will Regress

Baby see, baby do…


3. Stretched Out Clothing

On the bright side, this saves parents the time and money on buying bigger clothes for kids when the school year rolls around.


4. The Blame Game

Don’t be surprised if your sweet and innocent pets are forced to take the fall for your kids behaviors.


5. Dress Up Time

You can tell from his face that this is the last thing he ever wanted. He didn’t want to dress for a tea party.


6. Makeup Mishaps

Cats would barely sit still when they’re getting tons of love and affection. And we are not completely sure why this cat remained still throughout the course of this lengthy makeup session.


7. Overly Patient Dogs

Another animal victimized by their willingness to remain still.


8. Here’s Johnny…

And her estranged kitty!


9. Cross Dressing

The type of picture that raises more questions than answers.


10. Dog Modeling

At least the dog looks like it’s happy with the new wardrobe.

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