Pets Pressing Heads Against Walls Is Not Only A Midlife Crisis

Pets Pressing Heads Against Walls Is Not Only A Sign Of Midlife Crisis

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Pets pressing their heads to walls. What do they contemplate about? Thinking of how that didn’t fetch that ball today, but they’ll do it tomorrow, or thinking about those koi fish dancing over at the neighbor’s backyard?

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Don’t be that fast to press that like button on Instagram if you see a cat or a dog pressing their head against the wall. Dr. Katy Nelson DVM over at Pet MD forewarns: “Head pressing is the compulsive act of pressing the head against a wall or another surface relentlessly, for no apparent reason.”

“Head pressing is generally a sign of damage to the nervous system, which may result from a number of underlying problems.”


Take your pet to the vet stat!

The veterinarian is likely to first perform a fundic examination of the retina and other structures in the back of the eye. What he/she will be fishing for here is several brain damages and pray for that not to be the case.

Sometimes, it can only mean the sign of high blood pressure in the pet and hopefully, that can be isolated quickly.

The urinalysis will reveal a problem with the metabolic system if your pet has one.

Be sure to get the doctor acquainted with the head-pressing history of the pet: when it started and what might have preceded the condition.

Head pressing will usually be accompanied with abnormal vocalization, compulsive pacing and circling, seizure and other strange behavior.

One the tests are beyond what you might want to prepare and expect for. This is a possible list of diseases and conditions that your pet may have developed:

  • prosencephalon disease (characterized by damage to the forebrain and thalamus (the part of the diencephalons that is responsible for the transmission of sensory impulses)
  •  toxic poisoning
  • metabolic or glandular conditions
  • a primary or secondary tumor (one located in the brain or elsewhere in the body)
  • an infection of the nervous system (such as rabies or a fungal infection)
  • acute head trauma (such as from a car accident)

Several unfortunate owners of pets with this symptom uploaded videos of their pets’ abnormal behavior over on YouTube. I would urge you to see some of them just to get a quick idea as to what to watch out for when it comes to the formative symptoms.

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YouTube user Travis Tarpy has posted a video of his Coonhound dog who is affected with liver shunt.

“When he has a “spell” he walks in circles, presses his head into the corner, and can’t get comfortable. He only has these spells after eating too much protein.” says Travis Tarpy.

Please beware of symptoms if you own a pet and react fast! time is crucial when it comes to this particular issue! Share with pet-owning friends as well!


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