Photo Dating 1948 Stopped Daughter Walking Down The Pavement

Photo Dating from 1948 Stopped Daughter Walking Down The Street


Jane Fine Foster stopped suddenly while walking down the street. She had just seen a photo of her deceased mother on her wedding day from 1948.

What had happened was that, while looking to buy a blouse, she passed by an antique shop in Grand Junction, Colorado and threw a glance over at the store’s window.

The photo of her mom on her wedding day just stood there, staring back at her.

Needless to say, Jane immediately flew inside the shop through the door and requested the gentleman inside to show her the photo.

There were actually several framed photos of her mother that were missing for ages in the antique shop, A Robin’s Nest.


“To say I was shocked, stunned, near paralyzed is an understatement,” Foster told KKCO News. “I actually screamed out loud. … I just kept blinking and looking again, like, ‘Can that be? Of course, it can be. It was my mom.’”

Jane had more luck to come that day, they didn’t just stock her mother’s photos, they also had her wedding dress in possession!

“We had the lady’s wedding dress,” A Robin’s Nest co-owner Shane Allerheiligen, told KKCO News. “The same dress that was in the picture.”

To say that this story moves me is an understatement. But, I digress!

When Allerheilingen realized that Jane was not lying about being the lady from the photo’s daughter, he decided to go to the basement and take out the wedding dress that was sealed in the original box. Along with the dress, there was also a cut out from a newspaper dated June 22, 1948 – two days after her parents’ wedding date.

But how did these precious items find their way to the antique store?


Initially, the wedding dress and the photos were put into a storage unit after Foster’s father passed away.

However, after Foster’s mother missed a payment they had to be auctioned off. The family was unaware that she had done this.

All this took place 12 years ago.

Foster managed to track down the items at one point in time to a vintage wedding dress warehouse in Chicago, but after the trail had gone cold.

“I felt like there was a hole in my spirit,” she told the Daily Sentinel. This had left her hopeless and devastated.

Imagine the overwhelming feelings she must have felt when laying her eyes upon those items!

She was adamant to never lose sight of them again.


“I asked them, what do you want me to pay you to have this wedding dress back to our family?” she told KKCO News.

Of course, the shop owner did something that anyone of us would have done.

“They both just said, ‘There is no price. It’s made its way back to you. It’s home.’”

Foster considers this a sign from above.

“This is a message to us that she is still thinking about us,” she said, “and watching over us.”


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