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Photographer Mistakenly Captures The Wrong Couple’s Proposal


Imagine you want the greatest and most romantic moment of your life to be photographed, but then the photographer mistakenly takes photos of someone completely different. Not a very pleasant situation. Jacob Peters, an American photographer, took 450 pictures of the wrong couple up on the mountain at dawn. The wrong couple was, surprisingly, doing the same thing the other couple was supposed to. What a coincidence!


According to the Daily Mail,  a man contacted Jacob Peters to covertly photograph a romantic sunrise proposal.


The client wanted the pictures at the popular landmark – at Hawksbill Crag (Whitaker Point), Ozark National Forest in Arkansas. He wanted the pictures to be captured from afar.


Jacob rose at 2am, packed his 30lbs of gear and hiked up in the mountain to wait for the couple to arrive. It took him over an hour to reach his destination.


Moreover, Jacob didn’t have phone service, so the only thing he could do was wait.


A young couple arrived at Hawksbill Crag (Whitaker Point), Ozark National Forest at around 6:17. But this was the wrong couple. Jacob didn’t know this.


Then, as he’d been asked, he started photographing the proposal.


After taking a lot of photos, Peters packed up his belongings and hiked back down to his car. Before driving, he sent a text message to the guy congratulating him.


When he got home, he decided to take a nap after his long morning of hiking and shooting pictures.


However, he received a message from his client. The text read: “I’m confused, we never saw you and we got there a little late, are you sure it was us?”


At that moment Peters realized that the couple that he photographed was the wrong couple.


What an odd coincidence!


The client was having problems reaching the destination, but the photographer didn’t get the message.


After a few days, Jacob posted to Facebook to find the real couple and give them the photos.


Luckily, Jaboc found the couple he photographed by accident. It was David Le and Jenny Pham from Dallas, Texas.


Jacob offered the pictures for free. Ms Pham said for the BBC: “The view was breathtaking. He asked me to film the sunrise, which at first I thought was a bit sentimental, then I turned round and he was on one knee holding a ring. It was perfect. It felt like a movie.”

Do you feel sorry for the other couple though?


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