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Photographer Creates Disney Princess Photoshoot And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever


Being a parent brings troubles, worries, and immense happiness at the same time. When the tiny creature comes, everything changes, and you want to record every single moment so you can have so many memories later. Baby photo-shoots have become a trend, but most parents do them out of love. To get an idea of how creative they can be, here is a story of a woman who gave birth at a grocery store and had a grocery store theme as a photo shoot for the baby. For those who want something really special, here is some good news. You can now have a Disney Princess Photoshoot and it’s probably the cutest thing ever!

Mom and maternity photographer Karen Marie used her love of Disney to create adorable photoshoots for newborns. As an inspiration, she had six of her favorite Disney princesses and real babies to replace the cartoon heroines!


Marie works as a photographer at her own studio called Belly Beautiful Portraits. She has specialized as a maternity and newborn photographer for more than a decade, but wanted to do something new. So one day, she felt motivated to give an important part of her childhood to these newborns.

After she thought the idea through, she put out a call for newborn babies to get in on her princess-themed photo shoot at her studio in Roseville, California. She was lucky, as six babies answered the casting call, who were all about two weeks old at the time.

“I hope it’s because I captured a small portion of the Disney story in each image and that people see the beauty in what I was trying to create,” Marie said.

“I love seeing the parents doting over their babies dressed as princesses and their reactions to my finished work,” she said after the 8-hour shoot.

Marie designed each set to resemble the princesses movie and used these incredible princess gowns created by Sew Trendy Accessories to complete the look.

Here are some of the cute photos.

1. Sleeping Beauty


Look at her asleep on that bed of roses!

2. King Triton has let baby Ariel out of his sight for a moment for this photoshoot


Why is she cuddling a fork? That’s her dinglehopper of course! For brushing her hair! Don’t worry, Flounder will look after her.

3. Beauty and the Beast’s Belle dreams of her perfect library!


She’s surrounded by the famous red roses from the movie, there’s even one in Beast’s glass container.

4. Cinderella waits for her fairy godmother to come and do her thing but decides to take a nap.


Her pumpkin will soon be a beautiful carriage, and her mouse friends are getting ready to sew her dress! So cute!

5. Princess Jasmine discovers a whole new world


Her magic carpet will take her wherever she wants to go.

6. Snow White, who was poisoned by her wicked stepmother


She slept surrounded by woodland creatures and flowers, until she was awoken by true love’s first kiss. She’s just napping here, luckily.

The portraits are just the beginning of Marie’s Disney series. She plans more photo shoots and more princesses like Tiana, Pocahontas and Moana!


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