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Award-Winning Photographer Turns Ugly Streets Into Beautiful Pictures And Shares His Secret About Great Photography


German photographer, author, and entrepreneur, Vijce, is a self-taught photographer whose main focus is street photography and atmospheric urban scenery with human silhouettes. In 2014, Vijce won the European street photography competition from Flickr and Yahoo. Also, Vijce has written five books on street photography, motivation and creative self-discovery. He founded his second photo art label Eye, Heart & Soul in Amsterdam, in 2017. This award-winning art photographer is back with fresh inspiration, though it’s not exactly the colorful work you may be used to from him. This time, the German camera pro used a gloomy train station staircase as his main subject, but brought incredible beauty to it that will fascinate you.

“To be honest, I’ve captured my favorite street photos in the ugliest of all places,” Vijce wrote in his recent PetaPixel feature. “Sure, it’s a bit more challenging to find the extraordinary in the ordinary… but isn’t that what street photography is all about?”

And he indeed manages to capture the industrial grit of the station in a softer light. He insists this can be achieved in any place by a photographer. Vijce also writes that observing and noticing the unusual is the key to finding unique shots in any situation, as well as experimenting with perspective by laying down, walking around, and looking up.

Here are some of his surprisingly powerful photos below.

(h/t: PetaPixel)

This train station staircase may look gloomy or ‘ugly’ at first sight.


Nothing seems extraordinary here.


However, award-winning photographer Vijce saw a world of possibilities in the unusual location.


Look at the beauty of a single man going up the escalator.


Or this old man in alignment with the atmosphere.


All a photographer must do is spend time observing the location, then play with perspective.


Sunbeams are rarely visible down the station. These moments are quite rare.


Even when workers do their job, it’s not a simple routine.


You can read the feeling of the passers-by.


What was once a depressing industrial atmosphere now appears more ‘alive’ than ever.


Different people, different hopes. It’s all about the patience and enthusiasm to observe and create photos.


Here is a special video that the photographer shares with the world, with his secrets about photography.

Source:Eye, Heart & Soul, Vijce

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