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32 Photos Captured At Exactly The Right Moment


Hundreds of pictures are taken everyday. And why not, when it’s so easy? Take a photo of everything you like. Chances are you will time some of them so perfectly they will go viral.

Here are more than 30 examples of luck making sure your photos look picture perfect.

1. Cat got your tongue?

They should put signs around that place. Beware: Cat burglar will steal your cookie. Leave your food unattended at your own peril.


Source: Reddit | TeaGossips

2. Birdbrain

Couldn’t have summed up this pic more perfectly than TomBaum, the man who snapped it: “I recently acquired a bird’s eye view.”


Source: Reddit | TomBaum

3. Copy, paste

When you need to convince someone that the person on your passport photo really is you, so you have to make the same face you made when taking the picture in the first place…


Source: Reddit | yolosafafofo

4. Burn baby, burn

The flame spirit had agreed to bestow upon thee the gift of fire.


Source: Reddit | ralphfaith

5. 20/20 vision

asl001 explains this photo, “A student of mine walked into a wall while not paying attention. This was the mark left on her glasses.”

Maybe she needs higher prescription glasses…


Source: Reddit | asl001

6. Spin city

Is it a stacked barge, or a city of shadows? All you need to do is change your perspective to experience a whole new world.


Source: Reddit | TeaGossips

7. I believe I can fly

This photo was taken during the fire in Doñana, Spain. Someone captioned it, “Not all heroes wear capes…”

But why does he use the ladder when he has wings, for Goodness’ sake?


Source: Reddit | Ibleedcarrots

8. Put-in, Put-out

May I say, blue really is your colour, Mr. Putin. Sorry, what’s that? Oh, yes, of course, sir. I saw nothing. I don’t even know what you’re talking about…


Source: Imgur | KellyanneAlternativeFacts

9. I mustache you a question

Cool handlebar mustache lady! He he he, handle-bar. Get it? Coz it’s the handle of the suitcase… and it… no? Not punny funny? Okay, then…


Source: Reddit | coldcursive

10. Mindblown!

An elephant creating an image of an elephant by splashing water? This is a one in a billion photo. You can’t stage this.


Source: Reddit | BasedOnAir

11. What did the ocean say to the shore? Nothing, he just waved.

Is that real water or is it glass?


Source: Reddit | AdamE89

12. No escape!

Well, if I die here, at least I’ll die happy and really, really, well fed. No better way to go!


Source: Reddit | brandon0529

13. The snail-cat

That cat does not look amused: “Don’t take a photo right meow!”


Source: Reddit | driccio

14. Yummy!

Delicious meal, really healthy, but why not get a real Coke instead of photoshopping it in?


Source: Reddit | Blunoze_Son

15. Sleeping on ice cream

That is one delicious looking matress! Or is it a really comfy looking ice cream sandwich?


Source: Reddit | njbolinger

16. Get your surfboard!

This wave looks pretty cool, not only because it’s half-frozen.


Source: Reddit | Clumbsywalker

17. Fly the nest!

When you are finally 18 and decide to go and live on your own…


Source: Reddit | KevlarYarmulke

18. Hawkeye

Technology, man. Even the hawks are using the latest iPhone. Get up to date!


Source: Reddit | Mannos_Hands_of_Fate

19. Mission Impossible

Give this mouse a role in the next Tom Cruise movie.

“Special Ops mouse captured in the middle of operation mooncheese,” the original poster wrote on Reddit.


Source: Reddit | meltshake

20. 50 shades of brown

Can I get my coffee neatly divided in all the shades of brown, starting with the lightest at the bottom? Done and done.



Source: Reddit

21. My planet needs me

Meet Barry Allen, the fastest frog alive.


Source: Reddit | KevlarYarmulke

22. Oh, sh-

I wonder what goes through a child’s mind when they realize they’re screwed. What do you say when you fall down if not a bad word?


Source: Reddit | angrywords

23. Don’t burst my bubble

When you are so deeply focused on something, that you forget simple things, like watching where you’re going and maintaining your balance.


Source: Reddit

24. Third wheel

Just get back up and act like nothing happened. I’m sure no-one noticed.


Source: Reddit | Tevesh_CKP

25. Sun-bee-m

All praise the Lord Bee for bringing the Sun back to us for another day.


Source: Reddit | mike_pants

26. Surface tension

Ghost shark has come back to haunt you – don’t look in its eyes or the emptiness in them will suck you in.


Source: Reddit | emoposer

27. Cloudy with a chance of planes

There! That’s the trail! Follow that plane! C’mon, step on it!


Source: Reddit | Endless_Vanity

28. Misfortune never comes alone

The proof is captured in a photo from 1959. It was a White Sox game, and right after the opposing team scored a home run, left fielder Al Smith had a drink spilled on his head!


Source: Reddit | AdamE89

29. It’s just a prank, bro

Cow demon just wants to play. Don’t be alarmed.


Source: Reddit | shahidhanif0

30. Once in a blue moon

I would even give you the moon on a silver platter.


Source: Reddit | Mr_Popty_Ping

31. You can’t touch this

A great skill to have when you need to use the public restroom.


Source: Reddit | Frenchy-LaFleur

32. Walking on water

He loved to swim. Until, suddenly, one day he couldn’t get into the pool anymore. So sad.


Source: Reddit | aarsmadenkak
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