Check Out These Photos Of Celebrities When They Were Babies


We all have cute photos from our childhood, and we sometimes find them, dust them off and take a look at them and just remind ourselves how it all used to be.

The whole childhood memory photo thing also applies to celebrities, too!

Check out these photos below to see some of the biggest current celebrities when they were much younger. You may have forgotten some of the people on this list, but don’t worry, we’re here to refresh your memory.

1. Zendaya

Always confident and bold, and she was quite a cutie when younger. Still holds very true today.

Check Out These Photos Of Celebrities When They Were Babies 1

2. Nelly

Check out how little he has changed. Nelly still looks the same!

The only noticeable difference would be the beard.

Check Out These Photos Of Celebrities When They Were Babies 2

3. Alyssa Milano

There’s certainly been a change in the prettiness factor in this case.


4. LaLa

She was a cutie back then, and her face still holds a lot of, shall I say, innocence to this day.


5. Usher

R&B singer and JB’s manager has lost his cheeks a little bit, but he never lost his cool.


6. Sofia Vergara

She used to be just a normal child that loved cake, but she’s now a gorgeous actress loved by many around the world.


7. Tyler the Creator

Before he took over the rap game, this kid was working on his effortlessly hip image.


8. Karrueche

She was a fashionista before she even knew what designing clothes was.


9. Neicy Nash

For some people, you simply know they’ll be gorgeous when they grow up.


10. Kevin Hart

Humor even in his earliest years.


11. Reese Witherspoon

Before she stirred up the Hollywood scene with her good looks, she was just a little girl growing up in New Orleans.


12. Kendall Jenner

Before she became the absolute stunner that she is today, she was a cute little kid that liked to play with her mother’s hair tools.


13. Jessie James Decker

Before this happy little girl was gracing Hollywood, she was just another brown-eyed girl, sitting tall for school pictures.


14. Matthew Gray Gubler

A big smile then, a big smile now.


15. Bella Hadid

She used to be just another angel-faced baby, but now she’s making a serious mark on the modeling industry.



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