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All It Takes Is To Look At These 29 Photos From A Different Perspective


A slight change in perspective while looking at a photo can change everything about it. That photo might seem like something different when you first look at it, but when you look at it from a different angle, it turns out to be something else, and maybe not what you expected. You might even feel disappointed at that point.

Here are 29 photos that all it takes is to look at them from a different angle and you’ll see their true identity

1. This is not a spacey, movie set room

It’s just the inside of a violin.

This probably looks like an spacey room with some killer mood lighting, but if you look closely, you'll realize that this picture was taken from inside a violin.

Source: Reddit | DonTago

2. This is the very end of the Great Wall of China

 The Great Wall of China is something everyone has seen at one point or another, but most people haven't seen the very end of it.

Source: Imgur | improteon

3. Penguins are cute little creatures, right?

Well, this is the inside of their beak. Not very cute now, are they?

People like to think Penguins are adorable little creatures, but have you ever taken a peek inside one's mouth? Probably not...

Source: Reddit | Girlwithnousername

4. This is the view seen from the top of one of the Great Giza pyramids

And this photo was illegally taken, I should say.

We know what the pyramids look like from ground level, but very few people get the chance to get the view from the top of one of them.

Source: Reddit | bobsaintclair

5. A massive bowl of black SpaghettiOs?

Sadly not. It’s just an aerial photo of a tire scrapyard.

At first, this looks like a shot of a gigantic bowl of goth SpaghettiOs, but it's actually an aerial view of a tire scrapyard.

Source: Reddit | Vmoney1337

6. This is the inside of the mouth of a triggerfish

Sleep well tonight, kids.

If you haven't seen inside the mouth of a triggerfish, you're in for a real treat.

Source: Imgur | FlaccidFlanges

7. This is a distant view of the Burning Man Festival

At first, this looks like some sort of desert crop circle or secret military complex, but it's actually a distant view of the Burning Man Festival.

Source: Reddit | Mullagain

8. The reality of living in the city

No, this photo is not edited.

The two realities of city living.

Source: Kathleen Dolmatch | National Geographic

9. Look at these clouds!

Look how cool they are!

These might just be the coolest clouds you've ever seen.

Source: Imgur

10. Perspective painting at its finest

Maybe it's Photoshop or maybe it's...paint?

Source: 10 Steps

11. Such an amazing coincidence

It can't be a coincidence. It just can't be...

Source: Instagram | @zenith1920

12. This might look like a metal statue that’s been painted black

But believe it or not, it’s an actual live chicken! Looks so… unique.

This guy looks like a metal statue that's been spray painted a metallic black...but he's a real live chicken!

Source: Pinterest

13. We all know that what we see in a mirror isn’t always an accurate representation of reality

We all know that what we see in a mirror isn't always an accurate representation of reality.

Source: Imgur | codyhurst

14. Nope, it’s [disappointingly] not a two-headed dog

The other dog is just standing between the owner’s legs.

Woah, it's a two-headed dog! Jk. It's not.

Source: Imgur | AnotherDee

15. This looks like something straight out of a Disney cartoon

As we’ve said before, it’s all about your perspective.

Just like with everything else in life, your perspective is everything.

Source: Imgur

16. Some genius livery work by this company

What a fun work vehicle!

Source: Reddit | AddictedReddit

17. Portrait or landscape, it’s your choice who you’re going to save

Choose your view: portrait or landscape.

Source: Reddit | Shikabamdesertwolf

18. The reflection off the puddle made this photo possible

Just incredible.

Believe it or not, this isn't the result of an Instagram filter. It's the reflection off of a puddle.

Source: Reddit | MomoYaseen

19. It’s time for the Dog Centipede

You've heard of The Human Centipede... Now get ready for the centidoge.

Source: Imgur | lerasi

20. These highly talented and flexible girls made this genius display possible

And they’re wearing those leggings that are making headlines all over Twitter.

X marks the spot! At a first glance, these two bendy gals look like they used a funky Snapchat filter.

Source: Imgur | ashIG88

21. This crayfish is conquering the moon

Except it isn’t. It’s actually just inside a bucket.

This crayfish looks like it's about to conquer a very unfortunate moon or gray planet.

Source: Imgur

22. “Onward noble steed!” said one Reddit user

Takes the term “riding” to a whole new level.

"Onward noble steed!" said one Reddit user.

Source: Imgur

23. A reversed perspective

Don’t worry. Giant birds won’t be attacking us any time soon.

Almost like a reversed perspective — this mega-bird seems to tower over a man walking by.

Source: Imgur | WullieBlake

24. Quite a mature face

Some kids just have mature faces, y'know? People might even say this kid is the spitting image of his father...

Source: Imgur | ashIG88

25. I looked at it forever and kept thinking it’s a concert

Once you see it, it cannot be unseen.

This concert looks amazing! The crowd is packed, people have their lighters out, and everyone's hands are up.

Source: Facebook

26. At least he’s sticking to what the sign says

Just hanging on for dear life... He may be better off dropping the bike.

Source: Imgur | IWantToLiveInUSA

27. Game of Thrones stunt doubles

 Do these people look familiar at all? Yeah, that's because they're the stunt doubles for Game of Thrones.

Source: Reddit | Join_You_In_The_Sun

28. That girl has some good muscle being able to hold a tree like that

Just a casual night out with bae and her favorite tree.

Source: Reddit | KevlarYarmulke

29. Don’t look at this one for more than 5 seconds

Cause it makes your eyes hurt. There’s a man somewhere in the middle, that’s all you need to know.

This one's a brain-bender for sure — until you spot the man in the middle!

Source: Reddit | tomerjm
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