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Fifteen Photos That May Seem Funny But We Promise Have Good Explanations


At first, when you take a look at these photos, you’ll think “What am I looking at?”, but there’s actually a good explanation behind them. Take a look and you might learn a new thing or two today.

1. A good coaster

This is the lid of a plastic Starbucks cup. Just place it under your drink and you’ll have a makeshift coaster in seconds.

15 Photos That May Seem Funny But We Promise Have Good Explanations 1

2. Chickens can swim

They get heavy after they get soaked though, and they don’t have waterproof abilities like, say, ducks.

15 Photos That May Seem Funny But We Promise Have Good Explanations 2

3. Included plates

Most takeaway food item boxes or packages can actually make for a decent plate for you to eat the food off.


4. How to eat a cupcake properly

When eating cupcakes, most people tend to just attack it straight on, probably to end up with frosting all over their face. But this is not the right way to go at it. What you need to do instead is cut the cupcake in half, separating the bit with and without the icing, and then put one on top of the other to make a sandwich, then eat it like that.


5. Dogs have incomplete cheeks

This is why they can open their mouth wide, but they don’t have a human suction ability, so to say.


6. Getting into your car if it has a dead battery

A dead battery is unexpected and it can happen when we’re least prepared for it. Most modern cars have a keyless entry system and use a keyless fob, but what most people don’t realize is that most of those fobs have built-in keys, and a regular keyhole hidden behind an area on the door handle. This is there should your battery go flat but you need to get in the car.


7. Sir Penguin

This is actually the official mascot of the Norwegian Royal Guard.


8. If you arrange all British coins in a certain way…

…you can get them to resemble the country’s coat of arms, a special design introduced back in 2008.


9. Who would expect to find a fact like this inside a Snapple lid?


10. Easter Island

You may already know about this, but the heads on Easter Island actually have bodies, only they are buried much further down in the ground.


11. Clothing store illusions


12. A Song of Ice and Fire

A lot of characters were killed off in this series of books, and the sticky notes are supposed to represent pages that feature the death of a character.


13. NZ Earthquake

An earthquake in New Zealand did this to a railroad track:


14. The longest banana in recorded history

Except, it’s not. It’s just a bunch of bananas either delicately chained by hand or by Photoshop to make it look like it’s one big and curvy banana. As if the regular banana peel wasn’t the dead giveaway…


15. Cute and disturbing

Cute because it’s small enough to fit in a wrap, and disturbing because… someone fit it inside a wrap! Are they going to eat it?



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