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16 Photos From Hurricane Harvey That Will Make You Regain Faith In Humanity


The whole southern US state of Texas is recovering from the biggest natural catastrophe to ever happen to it in a period of 12 years; Hurricane Harvey. Kicking off on August 25, 2017, 51 fatalities have been reported and over 300,000 people were left without electricity. It also caused literally billions of dollars in damage; the chaos it caused is expected to cost the government between $70 and $190 billion.

Still, these photos captured during the hurricane’s advent and peak make us regain our faith in humanity.

1. How to rescue a grandma properly

After this grandma got her home flooded by the water, she was rescued by a man on a jet ski.


Source: Imgur | kuramarjeet21

2. U.S. Coast Guard flies over Houston

The eye in the sky to check any casualties. This photo also really shows the extent of the floods.


Source: Imgur | popdivtweet

3. Pet rescue team jumping into action

The animals are just as important as the humans that live with them.


Source: Imgur | JosiahMeharg

4. FEMA and military response teams on their way to Houston


Source: Reddit | justanotherfister

5. Rescuing a deer

The floodwaters also extended to forests, but this deer managed to get rescued.


Source: Imgur | WhiteScienceMan

6. Proud parent “shows off” their first responder

A proud parent shared this photo on Reddit, captioning it with, “This is my son and his fiancée. He’s a first responder in Houston. He’s working really hard so I thought I would show him off.”


Source: Reddit | cinnamongreen

7. Even normal citizens are ready to jump to the rescue

Not all heroes wear capes.


Source: Imgur | KingHenryXIV

8. A rare animal was rescued

For those that don’t know, this is an armadillo.


Source: Imgur

9. The sun coming out

After Harvey finished its assault, it was a relief to see the sun coming out again.


Source: Imgur | JohnYChen

10. Even Budweiser knew the situation was serious

So they responded with fresh Budweiser… drinking water in a can.


Source: Imgur | BitterPagan

11. Puppers high and dry, safe and sound


Source: Imgur | Blampfs

12. Just looking on


Source: Imgur | PissyChrissy81

13. Businesses opened up and the owners opened up their hearts

Many businesses in the Houston area invited all people affected for food and shelter.


Source: Twitter | @MattressMack

14. Members of the U.S. SOCOM arrive beside a flooded expressway in Zodiac rafts in support of relief efforts.


Source: Twitter | @USSOCOM

15. Despite the ravenous hurricane, this is still Texas

So a good barbecue had to be found somewhere…


Source: Reddit | xlirish

16. This dog decided to rescue himself

He took his food and hit the road.


Source: Facebook | Tiele Dockens

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