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24 Photos Taken Moments Before Some Serious Mishaps


I’m sure most of you know that taking a picture is the best way to keep some form of memory from something that happened to you that you want to keep documented… memories of. However, sometimes, things don’t always go to plan and they can go horribly wrong. But thankfully, in some rare cases, the camera just happens to capture the moment before disaster strikes, creating some truly laugh-worthy things in the process.

1. Have you ever thought about swinging?

A Big Fall

2. She’s about to get wet…

Spilt Drink

3. Little goats aren’t as cute as they may seem

Goat Attack

4. Incoming!

A Big Puddle

5. That’s going to be a great photo, isn’t it?

Office Photo

6. A fracture or two

Someone should call an ambulance real soon.

Free Falling

7. Her hair is on fire

She doesn’t seem bothered about it, though.

On Fire

8. Prepare for a lot of pain

His dad is going to be proud but also pissed.

One, Two, Three

9. That’s gonna hurt in the morning

Heads Up

10. Here comes the drink!

It’s going to cause a mess!

Wet T-Shirt Contest

11. Party? Looks more like a riot

Wedding Party

12. How do you even make a blunder as big as this?

 Happy Birthday

13. I would regret wearing those shoes that day

I understand that he probably really likes them, but they’re not ideal on the ice.

Slip And Slide

14. Did they even survive this?

The Big Drop

15. This is why you shouldn’t mess around and keep your eyes on the road


16. The customers won’t be pleased

Falling Down

17. Nice thinking

But that could still cause you a lot of pain.

That’s A Bad Idea

18. Prepare to fall on those rocks

Wet Slide

19. This photo was a bit of a fail

A Big Swim

20. Revenge is best served cold

Snow Ball Fight

21. A bubble fight casualty

A harmless game turned a bit harmful.

Bubble Fight

22. That’s a little bit disgusting

Selfie Time!

23. When you have no actual meat to cook so you resort to your friend…

Fire Man

24. I think that cheers was a bit too strong


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