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These Photos Show How Much Work Goes Into A “Perfect” Instagram Picture


You probably follow a lot of “perfect” Instagram accounts, full of amazing photos that completely capture the amazing life of the people behind that Instagram.

But actually, when you look into it, it’s not all fun and games, as getting a perfect Instagram shot requires a lot of time, patience and skill, just to get the perfect shot.

Here’s a gallery of what actually goes into making all of those “perfect” Instagram posts from accounts that you follow and that you see in your recommended.

1. Getting the right angle

It’s not the best idea to photograph yourself, but it is a good idea to hire someone that will basically end up being your personal photographer, only they’ll use your phone instead of a DSLR.

These Photos Show How Much Work Goes Into A "Perfect" Instagram Picture 1

Source: Instagram | @garybaumgardner

2. Support is definitely needed

Sometimes, to get that perfect shot of food, it takes someone to hold on to you so you don’t fall over and completely ruin everything.

These Photos Show How Much Work Goes Into A "Perfect" Instagram Picture 2

Source: Instagram | @boyfriends_of_insta

3. Behind every good Instagram post stands a good photographer

If you don’t have a good photographer, you’re not going to get those dream shots.


Source: Twitter | @gabecapacio

4. What it takes for a picture of the perfect coffee-on-floatie

A boyfriend sacrifice is what it takes.


Source: Instagram | @foodieboyfriend_hk

5. Ever see those posts with seemingly perfect lighting?

This is how it’s all achieved. Well, in the case of this particular photo, anyway.


Source: Instagram | @will_ent

6. Peek-a-boo!

This one is literally a matter of life and death.


Source: Instagram | @davidtonge

7. There he is again

He really likes it when his girlfriend takes pictures of the food. That’s what his face is screaming to me.


Source: Instagram | @foodieboyfriend_hk

8. Long-distance relationship?

Possibly. But still, all this will contribute towards an incredible shot.


Source: Instagram | @yellowsub_marine

9. Just one more!

If you’ve taken a photo of someone, how many times have you heard that phrase? You need to be ready to make your photographer take at least 30 pictures of you, because, you need some options!


Source: Twitter | @markguim

10. A gram of a gram

An Instagram post that features a phone taking what’s soon to be an Instagram post. Cue the DUNNNNNNNNN sound effect from Christopher Nolan’s Inception.


Source: Twitter | @runcarmyrun

11. Even celebs can become Instagram Husbands!

Here’s proof with Lili Reinhart taking pics of Camila Mendes.


Source: Twitter | @clearifying

12. This is what it looks like to get caught taking a pic of your grub

Don’t worry if you’re that person, it’s fine. I mean, sometimes the food is too good not to share, right?


Source: Instagram | @katiecregg

13. Sometimes, a great angle involves dropping on the floor

If you’re willing to do this while taking a pic of your friend, then you’re a true friend to them and they should keep you!


Source: Instagram | @christianvooren

14. Multiple photographers are necessary

Just in case you want to pick different angles on your photo, it’s a good idea.


Source: Instagram | @bren7on_s

15. An iPhone and an actual camera

Because sometimes, a smartphone camera simply isn’t enough, and you need an extra angle with a better device to make it… pop.


Source: Instagram | @withingtonc

16. A big pose is worth it

It might look a little goofy from this angle, but when you take a look at the actual picture that’s been taken, in most cases, it makes perfect sense.


Source: Instagram | @alexhansen95

17. Gramming at the same time

Despite it being a little weird, it’s definitely worth it for the end result.


Source: Instagram | @misskatiejohnsen

18. Standing gets a little old sometimes

Which is why you have to kneel at the beach for some photos.


Source: Instagram | @little_lost_mouse

19. Getting low

Once again we see this, getting low down to the ground to achieve the perfect shot. And once again, it may look a little strange from this angle, but that probably means the actual photo looks really unique.


Source: Instagram | @nlkrts

20. Use a prop to really up your Instagram game

In the case of this photo, a pupper!


Source: Instagram | @seanclayton15

And that’s how you achieve the perfect Instagram photo. Now get out there, use these techniques and rack up some followers! And be sure to share some more methods to get an amazing Instagram-worthy photo if you know any in the comments.


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