The Internet Noticed Something Odd About These Photos Of Princess Diana & Prince Charles


The internet loves to talk about the Royal Family. Particularly about Prince William and Kate Middleton, their admittedly adorable children, and how they’re one of the cutest couples today.

Of course, when the Royal Family is mentioned, the Queen can’t go amiss, and neither can the unfortunately late Princess Diana. We’ve told you about Princess Diana before, but we haven’t really talked about her husband, Prince Charles before. Now, there’s an interesting reason why Prince Charles, specifically pictures of him and Princess Diana seem to be popping up around the internet, where eagle-eyed internet users pointed out something that they found a bit… odd.

Let’s get into it.

This is Princess Diana

The Internet Noticed Something Odd About These Photos Of Princess Diana & Prince Charles 1

Source: Good Housekeeping

She was adored by millions all over the world, and even 20 years after her tragic death in Paris, she’s still remembered and loved dearly.

And this is Prince Charles

He married Princess Diana in 1981, and around 8 years since the Princess passed, in 2005, he married Camilla Parker Bowles.

The Internet Noticed Something Odd About These Photos Of Princess Diana & Prince Charles 2

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The whole world heard about their marriage back in 1981, and watched them embark on their new life together.


Source: Huffington Post

And then the two would go on to have two sons together, those being Prince William and Prince Harry.

However, we should get into why these pictures are popping up on the internet again. The reason is, something odd has been spotted in these photos.


Source: NY Daily News

Can you notice something about this, or indeed any of the other photos?


Source: Daily Mail

Like this one, for example.


Source: Washington Post

If you haven’t caught on, in all of these photos, Prince Charles is always, always taller than Princess Diana. Why is this odd?


Source: Julia P. Gelardi

You can argue that Princess Diana always seems taller because she’s wearing heels.


Source: Express

Except that argument pales into insignificance when a quick Google search proves that they were both the same height, down to the milimeter.


Source: Google Google

I still don’t know how this wasn’t noticed until now, but it’s a shame that she was always photographed to appear shorter than Charles. People argue that it was intentional. In fact, the theory is that they’ve been pictured like that in order to make the Prince seem more fitting for the masculine role he had to have in the royal family.


This does not really fly these days. Now that internet buzz doesn’t seem that odd anymore, does it?

Source: Huffington Post

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