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21 Photos That Will Remind You What The Internet Used To Be Like


The Internet appeared around the early 1980s, and even though back in those days you would be lucky if you got what would be considered a painfully slow connection, today, it’s impossible to imagine life without it. Nearly everything we do nowadays uses the internet in some form or another. I am using the internet right now to write this, and you are using the internet to read this right now. And your phone is using it to send you that Snapchat notification that you’re probably receiving as you are reading these words. And then after reading this, you’ll probably go, curl up on your couch in pyjamas with your loved one, a pizza box in front of you and Netflix on the television. And guess what? That TV is using your internet connection to provide you with all those shows you’re thinking you should watch.

So, to celebrate those who were around when this powerful creation first appeared, and when it was still in its prime, here are 21 pics that will remind you how everything used to be when it comes to the internet.

1. RIP, acronym for World Wide Web. You will be missed

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2. The joys of dial-up internet

More like the joys of an ear-piercing sound effect that you’d be forced to hear and then a painfully slow connection that often meant waiting a whole day to watch a 5 minute video in the lowest possible quality.

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3. This was also a side effect of dial-up


4. Remember when we used to have everything on CDs?


5. And of course, can’t forget the precursor to Internet Explorer

You can’t get more 90s than Netscape Navigator. That includes the name.


6. This was Yahoo back when it was made public in 1995


7. And you would often see stuff like this too

I wonder where the person who made this is today.


8. The internet decided if you were allowed to see a whole photo


9. AOL Messenger was the tits back then!

This was before we had MSN, Skype, Discord, Slack, Snapchat, iMessage, and WhatsApp. This is what kickstarted it all.



10. Before iTunes and music on your phone, there was the legendary Winamp

A piece of software so useful and timeless, it’s still in use nowadays.


11. Due to the advent of HTML, websites looked like this back in the 90s and early 2000s


12. And whenever a website was unfinished or being redesigned, you would often see stuff like this on the page


13. This was before GPS and navi systems were common

Of course, some of the luxury cars of the time did have navi systems, but you would be lucky if you could afford them.


14. Windows Live Messenger


15. Who remembers l33t-sp34k-g3n3r4t0r?


16. Back when file transfers and downloads took forever


17. The pain of having to register ICQ


18. Before µTorrent and Bittorrent, there was LimeWire

Otherwise known as the OG torrent app.



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