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Photos Of The Titanic After It Was First Discovered


The Titanic sat at the bottom of the ocean for 73 years. Many explorers tried to find it, but only one of them was successful: His name is Dr. Robert Ballard, and he is responsible for finding the ship’s final resting place.

The tale of how Ballard found the ship is absolutely fascinating. You can see the images from the discovery under the sea below.

He proposed using a live feed from 20,000 feet below the surface to see the shipwreck. He used an unmanned camera sled to do so.


Source:Roy Chapman Andrews Society

The navy funded his project. Also, the Navy was not super into the whole Titanic plan.



The Navy wanted to use it the equipment to find two lost nuclear submarines. They struck a deal with Ballard: If he could find the subs, they’d let him use the remaining time to search for the Titanic.


U.S. Navy Photograph/NHHC collection

He only had 12 days to find the famous ship.



Ballard learned a new technique when he found the subs. He left a kind of ”bread crumb” trail.


Ralph White/CORBIS

“We were embarrassed we were celebrating,” Ballard later said, “and all of a sudden we realized that we should not be dancing on someone’s grave.”


Ralph White / CORBIS

They continued to follow the trail, they came across the Titanic’s bow. With only a few days left, the team scrambled to take all the photos they could.


Source:National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration

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