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40 Photos Of Things You Won’t Believe Really Happened


I would hate to call anyone a liar. But it’s a fact that some people at times say things that are not quite true. Perhaps it’s to make themselves appear cool or impressive, but sometimes they tell these outlandish stories about things they’ve done or seen.

We are so used to things of that nature, that it doesn’t surprise us anymore. The surprise is when it turns out that they’re actually telling the truth. Yeah, right, Paul, you met the President of the USA. And then he shows you a picture to prove it, and all you can do is smile sheepishly and apologize for your lack of trust.

Many such examples can be found in the depths of the Internet. Here are some photos, compiled by Diply, that had to be seen to be believed.

1. The Presidential Selfie

This guy met three former presidents of the United States. Just a day like any other, right?


Source: Reddit | JRZ10

2. Written in the stars

This couple have the same birthmark. They are definitely meant for each other.


Source: Reddit | hungersong

3. The couch of sadness

Someone had to be crying real hard to leave a mark like that on the couch…


Source: Reddit | watfm

4. The Shadow Hummingbird

This tire mark looks like a hummingbird, it’s true. But, I hope whoever left the mark so high up the barrier didn’t hurt himself too badly…


Source: Reddit | 96speed

5. The Dog Moth

This moth has the face of a French bulldog, according to the original poster. Or is it a pug?


Source: Reddit | rawmsft

6. Jeans are forever

This pair of jeans found in a goldmine are 136 years old!


Source: Reddit | gDisasters

7. Lazy snacks

Are those danishes or sloths?


Source: Reddit | WaldoBoyo

8. Mistaken Identity

Better safe than confused with O.J. Simpson for driving the same kind of car.


Source: Reddit | val_the_impaler

9. The Last Airbender

Don’t worry, that’s not smoke coming out of the engine. It’s just the airflow over the wing turned visible.


Source: Reddit | FarkCookies

10. Albino Moose

The White Moose grants you entrance to the Sacred Forest.


Source: Reddit | mybustersword

11. Thumbs up

This thumb that is as long and straight as the rest of the fingers…


Source: Reddit | anti_sewcial15

12. Curly floof

I never would’ve thought that cats can have curly hair, but there you go…


Source: Reddit | randomfriendzone

13. Snakey McSnakeface

That snake must have been a human woman in a past life.


Source: Reddit | gotsickpassaway

14. Cool ‘stache

Horses with moustache. Very gentlemanly.


Source: Reddit | RedRedRoad

15. Undercover!

Looking good, ladies! Except they aren’t really ladies: they are policemen who dressed as women to catch a purse snatcher in 1960.


Source: Reddit | red321red321

16. Mount Doom

Not really. It’s actually Mount Rainier. And it’s not erupting, it’s just a shadow cast upon the clouds by the setting sun.


Source: Reddit | starstufft

17. Shoeing off his driving skills

He really put his foot in his mouth this time.


Source: Imgur | haydenmohr

18. Oh, crab!

Even crabs have sponsors these days… This one got its house from Sprite.


Source: Reddit | pomoerotic

19. Staring in the distance…

Nothing to see here. Just a starfish reevaluating its life choices.


Source: Reddit | SalazarRED

20. KGB shorthand

Can be read only by those who already know what it says.


Source: Reddit | lolwut_noway

21. The best view a toilet can offer

Public bathrooms have come a long way…


Source: Reddit | Hijae

22. Bang Bang

These bullets collinded in mid-air during World War I. What are the chances?


Source: Reddit | isaynonowords

23. Awesome Possum

When you go to an all-you-can-eat, and you can’t even move afterwards. At least you’ll die happy.


Source: Reddit | SundayRed

24. Still kicking

This guy was hit with a football. It left a bit of a mark…


Source: Reddit | lava_lump

25. A Smooth Criminal

Michael Jackson disguised himself for a date with Tatum O’Neal. Never would’ve recognised him…


Source: Reddit | headlikeapin

26. Zero Fox Given

This baby fox sleeping on a car. How cute is that?


Source: Reddit | CodyOdi

27. Because I’m Batman

Fighting crime by night, officiating weddings by day.



Source: Reddit | DarK187

28. The Goat Tree

Who knew that goats grew on trees? No-one, because they don’t, silly. They are just eating the delicious fruit of the Argania tree.


Source: Reddit | ImButterNugget

29. Pepperoni Pizza Pug

There goes Walter White again, throwing pizzas everywhere…


Source: Reddit | kill_that_robot

30. Pizza is love, pizza is life

When you love pizza so much that you put pizza on your pizza so you can eat more pizza while eating pizza.


Source: Reddit | Isai76

31. Spitting image

There’s people who can’t even draw with a pencil on paper, and then there’s these kind of insanely talented artists…


Source: Reddit | mike_pants

32. The Chair Avalanche

Yeah, that tiny chain isn’t gonna hold them if they decide to tumble down.


Source: Reddit | ente3000

33. Birds of a feather

Why does this bird look like it’s gonna start building walls?


Source: Reddit | ltnite

34. The elephant in the room

So how did you manage to break all the bones in your body?

– An elephant fell on me…


Source: Reddit | [deleted]

35. Maths>Water

When not even a flood can stop you from teaching maths.


Source: Reddit | HannibalofBarca

36. Not again, Thor!

That’s not a bullet hole. It’s where a lightning bolt struck the street light.


Source: Reddit | NickPookie93

37. This post is sponsored by Sprite, apparently…

This bottle of Sprite found inside a chunk of concrete is 30 years old.


Source: Reddit | snealinator

38. When life gives you one lemon

Make seven hundred litres of lemonade…


Source: Reddit | CaboseTheMoose

39. Duck!

No, this isn’t just a picture of a tent. That would be pointless. It’s a picture of a tent with a duck on top of it. You can see its tiny feet on the ceiling.


Source: Reddit | ducbo

40. Yeah, science!

What are the odds to have ginger hair and heterochromia? Glad you asked. Reddit users calculated it and it’s 0.00022%. That means that only one person in approximately 450,ooo has both.


Source: Reddit | sturgio_garcia
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