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20 Celebrity Photos That You Won’t Believe Were Photoshopped


Not much of a surprise really, since barely anything goes in a magazine without a good dose of photoshop these days. Still, there are photos (and editors) that want to make us believe that a certain person looks exactly the way we see them. But they don’t. Here’s the truth:

1. Lady Gaga and her ‘natural’ contour and highlight.

2. Beyonce and her ‘naturally, minimum-makeup, flawless’ face.

3. Cindy Crawford and her ‘by no means’ altered body.

4. Madonna and her ‘ageless’ beauty.

5. Tyra Banks and her ‘fierce young looks’.

6. Angelina Jolie and her ‘porcelain’ skin.

7. Gwen Stefani who ‘clearly hasn’t been photoshopped’.

8. Jennifer Aniston and her ‘perfect makeup’.

9. Kristen Stewart and her ‘pale, flawless complexion’.

10. Penelope Cruz and her ‘incredibly unaltered’ latino skin.

11. Scarlett Johansson who is ‘naturally bluish’.



12. Rachel Weisz and the ‘no need for special lighting’.

13. Britney Spears and her ‘everlasting teenage appearance’.

14. Miranda Kerr, who’s ‘flawless without makeup’.


15. Avril Lavigne, who has ‘never got less sleep than needed’.


16. Audrina Patridge who’s ‘always been this well lit’.

17. Eva Mendes and her ‘non-existent bags under her eyes’.

18. Faith Hill who ‘lives her life in fade and just a pinch of blur’.

19. Katy Perry who had ‘a better light’.

20. Keira Knightley who has ‘no blemishes whatsoever’.


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