Photoshopped Image Of Princess Diana Meeting Her Niece

This Incredible Photoshopped Image Of Princess Diana Meeting Her Baby Niece Will Give You All The Feels

Princess Diana

Photoshoped image of Lady Diana meeting baby Charlotte and her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge is going viral full speed ahead!

Source:Facebook / Mary Kohnke

The source image is one of Charlotte and her mother, taken at the christening on July 5th, 2015, whereas the added one is of Princess Diana meeting Mother Teresa in 1997.


Source:Facebook / Lori Vee Eastwood

The pastiche is truly haunting and beautiful at the same time. Mary Kohnke, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was the first one to share this photo on her Facebook profile.
What a great job at photoshopping … Let’s make this go viral!”, the caption read.
this is a lovely sentiment. miss our Princess Diana”, said one Kathleen Reed Knight in the comments below the photo.


Source:Flickr / Joe Haupt

Now this photoshopped image begs the question of whether this is an ethical thing to do?
One can’t help but wonder how the members of the royal family reacted to this, but one thing’s certain, the photo does invoke an emotional reaction from anyone who witnesses it.
Princess Diana looks like an angel has just descended from heavens in that all- white ensemble that she originally wore to meet with Mother Theresa!



While the photo had been shared more than 260.000 times, there were some who felt this was an uncultured and unrefined stunt for publicity and click-bait!
A reader of the shared their sentiment in the comments below the original article:
People are aware that Diana died leaving family alive aren’t they, how cruel this is for her sons and family,, it would have broken my heart had this been my mum with a grandchild she hadn’t seen,, this is wrong and creepy and cruel!

Facebook user Sheryl Jim McKeen was one of the people who felt negatively about the whole ordeal!

This is wrong. So wrong. I wish that the Princess was still with us too and I am sure that she would have been a wonderful Grandmother and would of been proud. Let the Princess rest in peace and let the Royal Family be at peace!


Source:Wikimedia / Ricky Wilson

And they’ve done more than enough to honor the memory of the late Princess in their own right. Through little gestures here and there, the Duke of Cambridge has done exactly the same!


Source:Instagram / @kensingtonroyal

However, Photoshop is not needed for Princess Diana to be remembered properly, as the whole nation she was a princess to finds ways to honor her memory.
The christening of Prince William’s daughter was in a way an honoring of Princess Diana in some ways. The name Diana was included as one of Princess Charlotte’s middle names. The church that the family chose to christen Princess Charlotte at is the same church Princess Diana was baptized at in 1961.
Diana’s niece, Laura Fellowes, 34, and Thomas van Straubenzee, who also is related to Diana were chosen as godparents to Princess Charlotte.
The photography of the christening was in the hands of Mario Testino, the Peruvian-born, photographer extraordinaire, who took the last official photos of Diana.


Source:Facebook / Lori Vee Eastwood

This photoshopped image really makes you think how extraordinary it would have been for Princess Charlotte to meet her grandmother!

Source:Facebook / Mary Kohnke

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