He Photoshops Himself Into Kendall Jenner’s Instagram Pictures And You Won’t Believe The Results


This is Kirby Jenner, the absolute coolest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Never heard of him? That’s because he’s not a sibling.

He’s probably the most awesomest guy on Instagram.


True, he *only* has 397,000 followers, as opposed to his photo partner Kendall, but the numbers are growing fast, and can you blame Instagrammers? Kendall has 68.3 million, but this isn’t a game of numbers, really.

If you’re curious to see what life is like as the biggest fan of one of the world’s most famous models, then take a look at the following collection of snaps from Kirby Jenner’s fabulous account.

He loves himself a sandwich, that’s for sure. And when he’s not eating, he’s starring at fashion shoots, or shows, or you know, wherever Kendall is.

So there you have it. Is he your favorite Jenner yet?


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