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20 Pictures Offering Plenty Of Hope About Fellow Humans


Like that often-quoted old Chinese curse, we sure live in interesting times. On days when there’s too much doom and gloom in the news, what we all need is a little bit of hope. This brilliant gallery curated by Diply, provides this food of life in abundance: its twenty photographs are rich in compassion, solidarity and love.

1. An astronomer sharing his enthusiasm for space

One Redditor shared this image of a guy who set up outside his local Walmart, offering the use of his telescope to anyone interested in astronomy.


Reddit | sbook28

2. A little girl leaving a hospital cancer-free

This little trooper dealt with over nine months of hospital care, undergoing surgery and chemotherapy for cancer before beating the disease and leaving triumphantly.


Reddit | Voltusfive2

3. Paying it forward at Starbucks

The guy who posted this says the car ahead of him at the drive-thru not only paid for his drink but also provided this heartwarming little note.


Reddit | Master1439

4. A pet shop worker giving goldfish a new lease on life

He thought we would get a kick out of this, and we sure did!


Reddit | onesincepearlharbor

5. Canadian courtesy

They don’t call them the most polite people on Earth for nothing.


Reddit | GuacamoleFanatic

6. A professor doing a student mom a favor

This college professor is carrying around a student’s baby so she could write her exam in peace.


Reddit | lizzybe

7. Good Samaritan returning a wallet

Everyone who has lost a wallet will know how big of a gesture this is.


Reddit | Rinkytinker

8. The friendliest dock around

The owner of this dock put up this sign recognizing that visitors who mean no harm might enjoy the view from his dock.


Reddit | Sippingin

9. Police officers helping a student look his best

It isn’t easy to tie a tie if you haven’t got the experience, so these LAPD officers took time out of their day to help this student look the part.



10. Lost pitbull given love (and cheeseburgers)

A county deputy picked up this hungry-looking lost dog so he decided to make a cheeseburger run.


Reddit | EighthOption

11. Canine BFFs

These two good boys show us that love finds a way, even if there’s a big fence in the way. Sometimes a hug is everything a living being needs.


Reddit | NightTrainDan

12. A girl in a wheelchair gets a seat with a view

She didn’t have much of a view of the stage at the Escapade music festival, but her fellow concert-goers quickly fixed that.


Reddit | wesbod

13. Buying supplies for a homeless man

This Good Samaritan picked up bags of supplies for a man living rough on the street.


Reddit | ScottSays-

14. Autistic kid getting to experience Blockbuster again

He was sad as we all were that Blockbuster Video had gone extinct, so his parents decided to build him his own custom Blockbuster wall.


Reddit | gangbangkang

15. Helping a passed-out hummingbird

Someone spotted this poor little hummingbird that had passed out in the Atlanta heat. After giving it some water, the little bird was soon perched on the person’s hand to say thanks.


Reddit | Catsforsale

16. Local police lift man’s spirits

There’s nothing like some bonding over a game of pool to help a guy feel better when he’s down in the dumps. Good work, Officer Hancock!


Reddit | IThoughtInsideTheBox

17. Legendary Weird Al offering his best wishes

“Weird Al” Yankovic may be best-known for his parody songs, but he’s also great with fans. Here he wishes a fan who’d been seriously injured a speedy recovery.


Reddit | musicianontherun

18. A man researching how to help injured sparrow

This pic taken at a coffee shop shows a guy looking up local veterinarian offices to help the injured sparrow that he’s holding.


Reddit | Au_Struck_Geologist

19. A Saudi man teaching his wife to drive

Saudi women were banned from driving for decades before the ban was lifted a couple of weeks ago.


Reddit | amro_faraj

20. Liam Neeson appearing to claim his free lunch

If you say that Liam Neeson eats free at your restaurant, you’d better be prepared to serve the Northern Irishman his complementary lunch.


Reddit | frmacleod
Source: Diply

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