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Pictorial for the Perfect Aqua Rouge Lipstick


The aqua rouge lipstick simply never goes out of fashion. Now there is a very easy way to achieve the perfect glamorous look with the aqua rouge at home. You will only need a prime lip liner, bright red lip pencil, dark red liner, intense red lipstick and ultra shiny gloss. Here is what you need to do in order to apply the perfect aqua rouge lipstick on your own.

Step 1: Apply the nude lip pencil. This pencil will help provide a stronger definition to your lips.
Step 2: Trace the natural edges of your lips with the bright red lip pencil starting from the center-top of your upper lip.
Step 3: With the same red pencil outline your lower lip lines, again starting from the center-bottom.
Step 4: In case the lines need to be refined, just draw over those areas with your lip liner and blend it well.
Step 5: Grab your darker lip pencil and outline the lip lines again. Draw the lines that define, then fill in the lips.
Step 6: Put your favorite dark red lipstick all over your lips. You can either apply the lipstick from the tube or use a lipstick brush.
Step 7: The finish of the lipstick is completely up to you. If you have dry skin use a moisturized lipstick, or if you have an oily skin use a matte finish.
Step 8: Finally to make the perfect aqua rouge effect, use an ultra shiny gloss with a pigmented formula which will help lay down all the color you crave in one coat.


Source:@Make Up For Ever

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