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16 Tricky Pictures That Got Us Laughing


You can’t always trust the internet, or life as a whole because some times it depends in the situation we are in and other times it’s the things we can’t really help but see. Whatever the case is, coincidences happen and when they do, they’re hilarious. Down below you can see some funny pictures collected by Diply, that we think you’ll agree are very tricky.

1. But the heart wants what it wants, right?


Source: Instagram

2. It looks literally like she stepped out of a horror movie.


Source: Facebook | Lock me up and throw away the memes

3. Nature is really amazing. How hilarious is this bird’s imprint?


Source: Twitter | @tumblrfunniez

4. I really did not see this coming. Such a cute gesture.


Source: Instagram | @trashcanpaul

5. Fashion designers probably get their ideas from bathrooms. Coincidence? I think not!


Source: Instagram

6. Sometimes, things just match too well.


Source: Twitter | @Antt_Flvcko

7. Gr


Source: Reddit | dareeza

8. If you are scrolling too fast on social media, this would probably confuse you.


Source: Facebook | The Meme Train

9. These are not extremely fancy barstools, they are cocktails!


Source: Reddit | madcaplarks

10. I don’t blame this person’s point of view though.


Source: Instagram | @miinute

11. This is too hard to decide but then I saw the paints/markers beside her and probably that’s the case.



Source: Twitter | @kingkayden

12. All the weird things are happening here. Moons, meats or Morphes?


Source: Instagram | @will_ent

13. Really though? What are the chances here?


Source: Instagram | @will_ent

14. Once you see these things you can’t unsee them.


Source: Reddit | absolute_clustercuss

15. Whoever took this picture knew exactly what they were doing.


Source: Instagram | @miinute

16. And last but not least just one more proof that we’re living in the Matrix.


Source: Reddit | fall97
From: diply

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