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16 Pictures With Interesting And Even Hilarious Backstories


Sure, by this point you’ve seen tons of interesting images on the Internet, but I bet some of them had a backstory that would have made them a hell of a lot more interesting if you knew it.

So with that, here are 16 images that only told half the story and have an amazing, funny or just plain interesting backstory, brought to us by Diply.

1. This girl returned to the same hospital she was treated in for cancer

20 years later, but as a nurse!

Reddit | attheisstt

2. This is an item used for close-ups for the Ring in Lord of The Rings

Is this what the giant in Jack and The Beanstalk used when he got married?

Reddit | cusulhuman

3. This wood was buffed smooth by itchy cows

Reddit | QueenJamesKingJordan

4. This tree was apparently struck by lightning just hours before this photo was taken

Reddit | zuki500

5. This is a shoe that has its own colony of sea life on it

It looks like something out of a Disney movie, doesn’t it?

Reddit | naren_93

6. Paint before it’s mixed up

Looks like a horrifying sea creature is trapped within a cup of tea. Or perhaps a can of those rather unappetizing looking octopus-in-sauce delicacies you can buy at an Italian street market.

Reddit | Kids_Jelly

7. This person put their coffee cup in the microwave

And the oven managed to scorch the cup right where it said “Do not microwave”. Emphasizing the point there.

Reddit | Emd09020

8. It’s actually a foam wheel that was created in a stream’s whirlpool.

I thought it was some form of uniquely shaped batter for a delicious baked treat.

Reddit | Radiocureee

9. Despite what you may think, this is fungus growing on the tree

Yes, it does look like tiny flames.

Reddit | Jessception

10. “Jim Hanson’s original concept sketch of Big Bird at Museum of Moving Image in Queens, NY”

Reddit | MotoDoom

11. A restaurant’s regular guest knives

They’re always there, and they look like a medieval trap that has been modernized. You certainly wouldn’t want to have a fight break out with the annoying person at the table across near this device…

Reddit | andre3thousan

12. “The light off of a friend’s flashlight was powerful enough to pass through my hand and illuminate my blood vessels.”

megadillemma wrote on Reddit. Combined with the surroundings, it looks like an exotic plant! Maybe a derivative of a venus flytrap.

Reddit | megadilemma

13. A Walgreens closed up their vitamins in a giant bank vault

Why? No one knows.

Reddit | jhal2

14. The age of whisky

All these bottles represent the same kind of whiskey aging year by year.

Reddit | Mystic_L

15. Why would the chairs be inside the pool?

Well, this place apparently put all the chairs in the pool to keep them safe from Hurricane Irma.

Speaking of which, not everyone faced Hurricane Irma with fear and tears in their eyes…

Reddit | moarcores

16. Why was this overturned trashcan so newsworthy during a protest?

It kinda boggles the mind…

Reddit | GallowBamboozle
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